Why did the chicken cross the road?

The age old question. Well, I have the answer:

VALLEJO, Calif. — A big-rig truck carrying nearly 5,000 chickens to a Petaluma processing plant caused a major "fowl up" early Monday morning after it overturned on a state highway, disrupting traffic for nearly five hours.

Officer M. Williford of the California Highway Patrol said the truck overturned on westbound Highway 37 near Marine World after crashing into the center divider. The accident happened shortly after 3:00 a.m., and the highway was not fully reopened until 8:00 a.m.

"Speaking from experience with a prior chicken-related incident, it takes awhile to clean up," Williford explained, saying much of the cleanup involved chasing and capturing all the birds.

"A lot of them want to make a run for it," he said.

Wait, it gets better.

While finding the story which I originally heard of Fox News this am, I came across:

  • SAN DIEGOA truck hauling 80,000 pounds of frozen chicken spilled its load in Mission Valley Wednesday, causing a traffic jam during the morning commute.
  • COLLBRAN, Colo. — First there was Mike the Headless Chicken, a rooster that survived for 18 months after having its head lopped off with an ax.

    Now, western Colorado has a new chicken survival story, this one involving a man who claims he saved his fowl by giving it mouth-to-beak resuscitation.

  • Kellerton, Ia–The noise, like air being blown across the top of an empty pop bottle, sounded across the southern Iowa landscape as a dozen male prairie chickens appeared in the early morning light.

    Wildlife biologist Mel Moe smiled at the full sound, a mating call known as "booming" that can be heard when prairie chickens fill orange sacs on the sides of their necks with air.

Obviously, chickens are having issues. Could this be some sort of plan by the Chicken Council to make people aware of their plight, part of a broader policy to get people to "Eat More Beef?"

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5 Responses to “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

  1. Ogre says:

    Actually, I’m sure it’s Bush’s fault.

  2. Janette says:

    Hmm, Stacy at NotADesperateHousewife is chicken blogging today as well. I must have missed the memo.

  3. LOL! Maybe this could become a regular friday thing 🙂

  4. JulieB says:

    You wouldn’t believe the wild road condition reports this chicken accident caused! Reporting on conditions at the toll on Hwy 37, “conditions quiet at the toll booth, because no one is there (wait for it!) they’re all chicken”. Really, the traffic reports guy…
    Even better apparently some of the chickens actually made it into Marine World and lost their lives to some of the large cats, whose cages are closest to the freeway. A little entertainment for the big guys.

  5. Janette says:

    JulieB ~

    Can you imagine what the cats were thinking when chickens wandered in?

    “Hey, Leo look over there! They sent over live lunch today!”

    They’ll be so disappointed with their regular fare tomorrow.

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