A Perfect 10!

Brilliant, freaking brilliant! WuzzaDem has the interview of a lifetime:

Bill O’Reilly
Welcome back to the O’Reilly Factor, I’m Bill O’Reilly. On the impact segment tonight – among the myriad groups opposing the war in Iraq is one calling itself The Jedi Council. The group’s founder, who goes only by the name Yoda, has claimed, among other things, that he has been training so-called "Jedi Warriors" for over eight hundred years, owing his longevity to something he refers to as "The Force." Joining me now is Yoda – welcome to the show, sir.

To be here my pleasure it is.

Bill O’Reilly
Now, The Factor has done quite a bit of research on your group, but all we’ve been able find is a lot of gossip on the Internet, people talking about this "force" thing, a lotta stuff about the "Jedi", some goofy talk about a "clone war", and quite a bit about some guy called – I want to get this right, now – is it Skywalker?

Skywalker, yes. Of Anakin or Luke do you speak?

Read the whole thing.

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