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Worried About ‘Climate Change’? Investing In Abortion On Demand Must Be Part Of The Solution

Any time Progressives/Leftists/Marxists/Etc start yammering on about “reproductive health”, they may mention some things, but what they really mean at the base root is abortion and limiting black, brown, and Oriental people in 3rd world nations Worried About Climate Change? Investing in Reproductive Health Must Be Part of the Solution By investing in family planning […]

NY Times: Trump’s Fuel Efficiency Rollback Will Hurt Drivers Or Something

See, in Liberal/Warmist World, everything is bad for citizens without the Helping Hand Of Government at the wheel, as we see Paul Bledsoe, who served on the White House Climate Change Task Force under (serial rapist) President Bill Clinton, bloviate in the opinion pages Trump’s Fuel Efficiency Rollbacks Will Hurt Drivers President Trump met with auto […]

‘Climate Change’ (scam) Believers Demand People No Longer Be Allowed To Have Single Family Homes

Perhaps we can start with Warmists like Barack Obama, Al Gore, Bernie Sanders, and all the rest Green building isn’t enough; we need green zoning. How can cities that have green building codes have zoning bylaws that protect low-density single family housing? These days it seems that everyone is fighting over zoning. Housing costs in […]

Surprise: New Study Makes Case For Governmental Control Of Fossil Fuels Usage

Funny how this all boils down to ever increasing Big Government, eh? New study makes the case for supply-side climate change policies A pair of economists, Fergus Green of the London School of Economics, and Richard Denniss of the Australia Institute have published an interesting paper that attempts to integrate and synthesize the economic and political attributes […]

Gun Grabbers Tell Us Not To Freak Out About Requirements To Lock Up Guns

See, now, this is exactly the kind of thing which makes 2nd Amendment supporters refuse to even consider passing any laws on firearms, which could even help restrict criminals from getting firearms, because we know that what gun grabbers really want is to kill off private ownership of firearms for law abiding citizens using the […]

Hotcoldwetdry Today: It’s Only Important To Persuade The Elites To Force Action On The Proletariat

Does this sound very much like what I’ve been writing about for well over a decade here at Pirate’s Cove? How the science of persuasion could change the politics of climate change Jerry Taylor believes he can change the minds of conservative climate skeptics. After all, he helped plant the doubts for many in the […]

Warmists Are Very Upset That BBC Would Dare Allow A Skeptic To Talk

This is amazing. The BBC, and other British networks, constantly have Warmists on who are virtually never challenged, and rarely ever are they paired with a Skeptic. Warmists do not like to have their Beliefs challenged, and, being good Progressives (nice Fascists), are against Free Speech BBC breached broadcasting rules in climate change interview with […]

Warmists Manufacture Position That Banning Fossil Fuels Will Be Super Awesome

The Cult of Climastrology often comes up with talking points to counteract reality when reality is making a mockery of the original CoC talking points. Take for instance this whole notion that greenhouse gases are now causing the Arctic to shift and make it cold and snowy. By this measure, it would mean that the […]

Warmist Recommends Bolshevik Revolution To Stop ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

Funny how Warmists so often recommend the destruction of capitalism in favor of hard left authoritarian governmental economic systems. Here’s Jeff Sparrow at the UK Guardian Climate change is a disaster foretold, just like the first world war (you’ll need to read the first 2/3rds yourself for full context) From a global perspective, the necessity […]

Surprise: Socialist Hotbed Of Venezuela Has Lost Half It’s Economy

Quite frankly, I’m surprised it has half left. This is a country that cannot even produce toilet paper and beer. And they’re stealing zoo animals for food. Here we have a Progressive/Marxist/Socialist station (CNN) telling us about how bad things are in a PMS nation Half the Venezuelan economy has disappeared It’s getting worse. Unemployment […]

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