Tuedsday Linkfest: Islamists On Trial In London

What is even more amazing, that is the actual headline at Yahoo News. The story itself is by the AFP, which, even though a French service, never seems to have an issue mentioning Muzzies. Considering that approx one quarter of the French population, legal and illegal, is Muslim, and has no problem rioting, kudo's to them. Yahoo News, on the other hand, loves to avoid the mention of Muslims being bad.

The trial of six Muslim extremists accused of plotting to emulate the July 7 attacks on London's transport network was set to continue after the prosecution argued that only "good fortune" spared passengers a day of devastation.

On the first day of a high-profile court case, the group were alleged to have conspired to carry out "murderous suicide bombings" on London's transport network on July 21, 2005 — exactly two weeks on from the shock suicide attacks which left 56 people dead. The suspects deny all the charges against them.

Their bombs were made of chapati flour, hydrogen peroxide, acetone and acid and packed with nails and screws to maximise "devastation", Britain's highest-security court heard in Woolwich, southeast London.

Good for the British. Big question, will all the Muzzies in Britain riot if they are found guilty? 'Cause, we all know that Muslims are peaceful.

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