Thursday Linkfest: Pardon The Border Agents!

And a happy Thursday to all. Have you signed the petition to get President Bush to pardon the border agents yet?

CHESAPEAKE, Va., Jan. 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — With fourteen days remaining until U.S. Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean report to federal prison to begin serving more than decade-long prison terms, continues leading the grassroots charge to pardon these lawmen.

"Since our news conference in California with Congressman Rohrabacher just prior to Christmas, nearly 40,000 citizens have added their names to our 'Pardon the Agents' petition," says Steve Elliott, president of, a national issues advocacy organization. "I don't believe Congress wants to begin the New Year with these two men going to prison for attempting to apprehend an illegal alien drug smuggler. The President has the authority to correct this terrible miscarriage of justice, and the grassroots voice of America is demanding he take action."

In addition to petitions, Grassfire launched a citizen fax campaign that has resulted in more than 23,000 faxes sent to the White House, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and key members of Congress "Just 14 days remain before agents Ramos and Compean are forced to report to prison, and we are taking the grassroots voice to Washington and the White House," says Elliott who recently interviewed Agent Ramos.

I'm not able to find the link for the faxes campaign, so I have sent an email to Ron De Jong at Grassfire with the hopes of recieving the information.

Furthermore, the best way to contact your House and Senate critters is from Congress Merge.

BTW, if Pelosi has her way, this post would force me to file tons of paperwork with the FEC.

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Still Stacy linked with disgracing peanut farmers everywhere.

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