Young Nancy Pelosi In A Bikini! Exclusive!

She thought she could hide it, but, NOT!!!!!


 What a difference 25 years makes!

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Comment by Billy Budd
2006-12-03 23:31:06

Man, that has to be fake. How could a Freddy Kruger wanna be like Nancy come from that?

Comment by William Teach
2006-12-04 09:32:34

Real photo’s.

Comment by Hotep
2007-01-04 16:27:09

Come’ on. Does that bikini style look like something from 25 years ago? Plus I do believe that is the doritoes girl

Comment by William Teach
2007-01-05 14:48:28


Comment by Steve
2007-02-16 14:53:26

That’s impossible, because Nancy Pelosi came from a pod and never looked that good.

She’s evil and I am going to kill her.

Comment by darthcrUSAderworldtour2007
2007-02-16 15:58:01

…”I wished all the libs could be California girls..the west coast has the sunshine and the girls are bits of tan…I dig a fresh bikini on the wild Malibu surf and a palm tree in the sand……………..”
The Skreecher of the House surfed her way to the top? Her Italian-American Baltimore figure had skipped a few spaghetti dishes to fit into that bikini too. But not the crabcakes!

“I support the troops but not the war? I support the spaghetti but not the meatballs? I support my marriage but not the sex life? I support the 49ers but not the cheerleaders? I support Hootie but not the Blow Fish? I support winning the war but not the casualties? I support having sex in the doggie style position with my husband so we can watch ME on CNN, but not on the Fox News Channel! I support the lasagne but not the meat sauce………”

Comment by Jet Pilot
2007-09-05 09:00:55

Idiot comparing Miss America Ali Landry to Nancy Palosi….Moron!

Comment by William Teach
2007-09-05 09:33:44

It’s a joke, which you have seemed to miss, dude.

Comment by Mister Whoopie
2007-10-17 08:08:15

Noooooo! That’s Ali Landry, one of our State’s (Louisiana) true claims to fame! And she’s Cajun, too! Ohh, lala! Tres bien, cher!

Comment by Tim
2007-10-18 02:05:30

Er, Nancy is 68. So that would have been over 40 years ago, not 25. And, you idiots, that bikini style, that resolution of photo, that color depth, and lastly, that Italian Bikini style would have all been completely unhear of, children. er, Plus, if anybody can POSSIBLY be that fucking stupid, this is very recent photo, and I don’t think Mrs. Pelosi would ever have gotten elected were there saucy pictures of her circulating which featured a stripper pole. Idiots!

Comment by William Teach
2007-10-18 07:33:48

Tim? It. Is. A. Joke. I ran across a photo of Ali, and noticed how much she looked like a young Nancy Pelosi.

Also, Nancy represents San Francisco. You think they would have cared about a stripper pole picture there?


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