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Entitled Millionaire NFL Players Ask For SJW Month

And this is how you kill a sport by driving a large chunk of your fan base away Memo: NFL players ask Roger Goodell for support in racial equality campaign Current and former NFL players campaigning for racial equality and criminal justice reform wrote a lengthy memo to league commissioner Roger Goodell officially seeking overt league support […]

Seahawk Michael Bennett Claims Police Threatened Him, Racism

This is one that is all over the news this morning, both regular and the sports sites, which I’ve caught in multiple places while perusing the same (Daily Caller) Bennett released a statement Wednesday morning claiming he was the target of racism and police brutality after being detained by Las Vegas police officers. He also claimed […]

Soon To Be Fired SportsCenter Host: ESPN Should Focus On *GASP* Sports

People have long gotten tired of all the politics and social justice warrioring on sports broadcasts. There are plenty of liberals who do not want to hear it. They just want sports. If they were advocating conservative views (not that they would or do), I wouldn’t want to hear it. Wrong forum for it. (Mediaite) […]

SJW Doug Glanville Has Meltdown Over Mean Comments Towards Female ESPN Analyst

Doug Glanville, who was a heck of a baseball player, and a pretty good play by play guy now, has an Outrage (of course, like most SJWs, he’s never said a word about the sexism that’s part of Islam) Who Gets To Call The Game? (First 2 paragraphs about him going on a tear over […]

Surprise: National Anthem Protests Biggest Reason People Tuned Out NFL Games

It’s not the only reason, and only a small amount tuned out, but, when you equate that small percent with the number of people who watch football games, the drop turns rather huge WOW. So yes, protesting the National Anthem was extraordinarily costly to the NFL. — John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) July 27, 2017 From […]

ESPN Decides To Double Down On Social Justice Warrioring

Because, as Kemberlee Kay at Legal Insurrection notes, “Because what viewers want is MORE politics in their sports…” And "You can't possibly make sports TV any more unwatchable!"ESPN: "Hold my beer!” — Kemberlee Kaye (@KemberleeKaye) April 4, 2017 Oh, so you just want to watch sports? Listen to people talk about sports? Hear stats about […]

Raiders Have A Plan If Fans Abandon Team That Abandoned Them

Let’s talk about something different. This article about the Raiders moving has been bugging me all day, but, alas, Real Life™ interfered Raiders could reportedly play in San Antonio or with 49ers if Oakland fans bail It appears that the Raiders are already making contingency plans in case their divorce with the city of Oakland […]

Good News: NBC To Broadcast Olympics Opening Ceremonies On Delay

Something a bit different, but, it is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. I despise that NBC is showing so much of the Olympics taped. Sports are live, baby, live! Some highlights are fine. But, good grief, if you are going to cover these every-4-year games, and spend a lot on them, show […]

Sportsmanship: Are Complaints About Cam Newton “Racist”?

This is a conversation I’ve had many times in the Real World, with friends, coworkers, even on local radio one time, as many sports sites have wondered if the condemnation and complaints about Cam Newton are racist. I would say that the majority of complaints have absolutely nothing to do with racism. You have to […]

What’s The Deal With Hockey Fights?

As you may or may not know, I am not a hockey fan: I am a Fanatic. The NHL has always been my #1 favorite sport, especially once the NJ Devils came into being. So, I found an interesting explanation regarding fights via Caveman Circus. Why are fights between players allowed in the NHL when […]

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