Sports Illustrated Names The Activist Athlete Sportsperson Of The Year

This is really great. Multimillionaires who talk a big game but don’t actually do anything, well, other than drive fans away with their politics

SI’s 2020 Sportsperson of the Year: The Activist Athlete

Lakers star LeBron James, WNBA’s Breanna Stewart, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, tennis champ Naomi Osaka, and former Chiefs lineman Laurent Duvernay-Tardif were named 2020 Sportspersons of the Year by Sports Illustrated (SI) for being “champions on the field, and champions for others off it.”

James, who SI called “already a contender for GOAT,” and said “there is debate over whether he’s the greatest NBA player ever,” was also given the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award by SI for putting “his considerable energy into inspiring young people to go to the ballot box in the face of voter suppression.” (snip)

Taylor, a forward for the Seattle Storm, “spoke loudly against racism and for women’s equality,” according to SI. “Her support of Black Lives Matter never wavered, from the season’s opening tip to the Storm’s title celebration.”

Super Bowl MVP Mahomes “used his platform as the NFL’s transcendent star to push the league to recognize the Black Lives Matter movement and players’ rights to protest,” according to SI.

SI said that Osaka “embraced her fame and found her voice in the fight against social injustice,” and that Super Bowl champion Duvernay-Tardif “left the NFL to join the front lines of the battle against COVID-19.”

The publication said they will provide more of the athlete’s stories in detail on Monday.

How much of their own money are they giving to the causes? How much of their own time is being spent going out and actually helping? It’s really easy to write some words on Instagram and such, it’s a lot hard to get out there, and, say, spend time in the poor, crime ridden, poorly educated black neighborhoods as they were set up by the Democratic Party, attempting to get kids to move forward.

But, hey, if they want to call people who drive sports fans away from sports, have at it.

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8 Responses to “Sports Illustrated Names The Activist Athlete Sportsperson Of The Year”

  1. Hairy says:

    Yes it is true
    Part of the SOROS Plan for world domination does involve taking your football games away from all the Trump people
    Teach !! How did you learn about that ?

  2. Hairy says:

    Teach did you even bother to read why these people were chosen?
    One was a doctor who also played nfl football
    When the Trump virus hit he stopped playing and went back to being a doctor on the freakin front lines of the pandemic
    And what the he’ll did you ever do to fight either the “war on terror” or the “baby murderers”??

  3. Hairy says:

    And in still another hard punch to the body of racist America
    Virginia Military Institute has taken down the statue of Gen Stonewall Jackson
    Teach did you go there and try and prevent it ? Or just said….Meh

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Millionaire black athletes who are tops in their fields AND giving back to the community. The horror! No wonder unsuccessful white guys are furious. The world is not supposed to be that way!

    “Overall, we rate Breitbart Questionable based on extreme right-wing bias, the publication of conspiracy theories and propaganda as well as numerous false claims.”

    • drowningpuppies says:

      But then again Blacks vote D 90%+.

      If you thought 2020 was bad wait until Xiden takes over.


  5. Joe Daddy says:

    I really do not mind if folks protest for the things they believe in. I also think it is annoying to have it shoved in my face. So far, I still watch the NFL. As far as the magazine, I think they are just flashing their Woke Badge. If they wish to change their focus, they might just rename the publication Social Justice Illustrated. Many times the best thing we can do is treat others with respect. As Thomas Sowell put it “Without government, racism is only a bad idea.”

  6. No Fans Left says:

    Sportsball? I put away childish things and don’t want to hear how oppressed and downtrodden someone is while making millions annually playing a children’s game.

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