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Obama To Order Iraq Withdrawl On Day One?

So says Axelrod Incoming White House senior adviser David Axelrod said this morning that President-elect Barack Obama will fulfill his campaign promise and begin on Wednesday the process of withdrawing America forces from Iraq within 16 months. “He believes that that is a reasonable timetable. We’ve moved a great distance from the time he started […]

A New Year Dawns For Iraqi Sovereignty

A good day, which the Washington Post treats with respect, at least where it counts, ie, the first few paragraphs: As Clock Strikes 12, U.S. Hands Iraq Control of Green Zone The walls of the majestic Republican Palace in Baghdad’s Green Zone have been stripped bare. The vaults that secured American cash and classified documents […]

USA Today Tells Us That The Surge Worked

After years of a constant Credentialed Media drumbeat of how bad the war deaths have been, particularly in Iraq, while mostly avoiding mention of the decreases caused by The Surge, now, with 21 days left with Dubya as President, they want to tell us how great things have gone because of The Surge. Perhaps some […]

Christmas Surprise In East Wenatchee

I do truly like these types of cheerful stories more then the ones about people trying to do away with Christmas, don’t you? EAST WENATCHEE (Washington) — Dressed head-to-toe in military fatigues, her camouflage pants tucked into combat boots and her hair pulled back in a tight bun, Maureen Peltier stood nervously outside a classroom at […]

Santa In Iraq

Spreading the holiday cheer Santa brought some Christmas cheer to the lives of Iraqi children gathered at Baghdad’s International Zone on Friday, handing out presents and posing for photographs. Dozens of Christian and Muslim children came together for the occasion which appeared to be well received by all. Bill Shober who dressed up as Santa […]

Christmas Gift For Iraq Veteran

A special Christmas LA MARQUE (Texas) — David Trejo, 1, and his sister, Trinity, 3, got to open some of their Christmas gifts early. So did their parents, only they didn’t open gifts of a firetruck or a stuffed dog. Rather, they were given keys to a new house. Former U.S. Army Spc. Sergio Trejo […]

Christmas Comes Early For Soldier’s Family

I like these types of stories much better then the ones about people, groups, and government whining about Christmas displays, don’t you? Get the hanky out Christmas came early for a North Little Rock family. Captain Tanya Phillips was in Iraq for nine months. Her three sons thought they wouldn’t see her until early next year, […]

Today’s Feel Good Story: Dad Home Early From Iraq

The spirit of Christmas When Tina Wood took her children to visit Santa at the Port Charlotte Town Center mall in November, she never thought the experience would bring her to tears. After asking for the games Hungry Hungry Hippos and Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, 3-year-old Aidan asked for something that shocked […]

Girls With Guns

SPF-30? Check. Towel? Check. Sunglasses? Check? M-16? Check. Everything a girl needs for a day in the sun at Camp Victory, Baghdad. Meanwhile, if you want to view two completely unhinged DU threads (9 on a scale of 10), we have: Steve_DeShazer: I’ll hate this rotten bastard as long as I live. I’ll teach my […]

National Review/CBS News To Barry: Don’t Mess Iraq Up, Chump!

There are probably days when the controllers of the Opinion pages at CBS News wish they had a bit more control: The President-Elect’s Opportunity In Iraq Declining levels of violence are going to tempt both American and Iraqi politicians to opt for a too-rapid deadline. They should be looking around the corner to elections next […]

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