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ACLU Concerned Reid Anti-Gun Bill Could Violate Rights

They haven’t seemed particularly concerned with all the other anti-gun laws being passed around the country in the States nor most of the other legislation proposed in the Democrat controlled Senate, but at least they say they have some concerns with one small piece (Daily Caller) As Senate Democrats struggle to build support for new […]

Rowan County Commissioners Tell ACLU To Go Fly A Kite

Well, actually appears more as a big GFYS (Charlotte Observer) Rowan County commissioners, facing the prospect of a long and costly legal battle with the American Civil Liberties Union, held their ground Monday and opened their meeting with a prayer that included the words “personal Lord and Savior, Jesus.” Later in the meeting, the board […]

ACLU Chooses Liberal Agenda Over Constitution

No one should be surprised in the least at the activities of the supposed American Civil Liberties Union, they’ve exposed their far left agenda long ago. Sure, every once in a while they’ll actually work to protect the Constitution, but, notice that their name is not based on the Constitution: civil liberties are whatever they […]

Surprise! Pakistan Interior Minister Asking Interpol To Ban On-line Anti-Islam Material

You’ll remember that the Muslim bloc of nations amongst the UN Human Rights Council have attempted to pass a “defamation of religion” resolution multiple times that would make it a crime to defame Islam and Mohammed, and have tried other routes at the UN since 1999. Hillary Clinton sympathized. And we’ve seen Mr. Obama and […]

KSM, 4 Other Jihadis, To Face Military Tribunal For 9/11 Attack

The in-the-bag-media is working hard to forget that this is the final point of a complete capitulation by Obama and Holder, both of whom wanted these al Qaeda members tried in a federal civilian court blocks from Ground Zero, and ran into a massive outcry over that idiotic plan. Perhaps if he had announced a […]

ACLU Finally Finds Someone Without An ID Who’d Be Disenfranchised

And it is a tear jerker of a story (which I’m not going to bother with) (Journal Sentinal) The biggest opponent of the state’s new voter ID law just may be an 84-year-old woman who stands less than 5 feet tall, has lived in the same house nearly her entire life and has served on […]

Bummer: Bigfoot Needs Permit To Be Filmed

Thanksgiving, a day to unwind, perhaps step back from politics for a bit, so, let’s go with something a bit more fun, shall we? (Fox News) The video shows a large animal-like figure walking upright on a ridge on the top of Mount Monadnock, one of New Hampshire’s most popular hiking attractions. A group of […]

Shocker! ACLU Decries Targeted Killing Of al-Awlaki

I thought this deserved a stand-alone post rather than an adder to the previous post on al-Awlaki (ACLU Statement) U.S. airstrikes in Yemen today killed Anwar Al-Aulaqi, an American citizen who has never been charged with any crime. ACLU Deputy Legal Director Jameel Jaffer said, “The targeted killing program violates both U.S. and international law. […]

On Illegal Immigration, “Civil Rights” Groups Want It Both Ways

Los Federales have decided that states and localities cannot op out of the Secure Communities program Civil rights groups are considering a lawsuit to try to block the federal government from requiring all police agencies to screen people booked into local jails for immigration violations. The Department of Homeland Security on Friday announced that local […]

ACLU Has Hissy Fit Over Prom Breathalyzer Tests

Out in Washington, Lake Washington High School is considering (remember that word) making every student take a breathalyzer test prior to entering the prom. As Komo News points out “Close to 60 percent of all alcohol-related fatal car crashes happen during prom season.” Obviously, the ACLU has an issue with this attempt to keep kids […]

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