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Rep. Jim Bridenstine Blasts Obama Administration

Epic (and I take no responsibility for what happens to your laptop/Smartphone/Tablet when you get to the end) This comes via The Blaze, which provides a transcript, and He then went on to say that the president’s “dishonesty, incompetence, vengefulness and lack of moral compass lead many to suggest that he is not fit to […]


Saturday Night Awesome

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Romney Fan Brings The Cuteness

Via Teresamerica and Twitchy So cute – Gov says “I get to meet a superhero!” Little girl responds, “I get to meet my hero!”… — Mitt’s Body Man (@dgjackson) October 24, 2012

Most Badass US Sniper: No Regrets

Alternate title: Most awesome US sniper is f***ing awesome! (BBC) A young cowboy from Texas who joined the elite US Navy Seals became the most deadly sniper in American history. In a book published this month he provides an unusual insight into the psychology of a soldier who waits, watches and kills. That sniper is […]

Nothing Says Awesome Like Hello Kitty And Pink Guns

Busting a cap needn’t be a fashion mistake anymore, ladies Gun manufacturers have been responding to a soaring interest from women with female-friendly ‘purse pistols’ in an array of trend-led colours and designs. Despite the concerns of anti-gun campaigners, there has been an 83 per cent rise in the number of women buying firearms for […]

Thursday Motivational (10 Images)

Packers Babes Vs. Steelers Babes (20 Images)

Seriously, A Conservative Would Not Pose With His Gun In A Red G-String

This should be givaway #1 that Loughner is in no way a Conservative Law enforcement officials said Friday they have multiple photos of Jared L. Loughner posing with a Glock 9mm pistol next to his naked buttocks and dressed in a bright red g-string. It is the same model of weapon as the one the […]

Happy New Year’s Day! (16 Images)

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