The Scariest Thing You’ll See All Day

They used to know what scary costumes were. Now it seems like the idea is to be as sleazy as possible

More scary below the fold

Did I say scary? OK, cutest thing all day.

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3 Responses to “The Scariest Thing You’ll See All Day”

  1. Terry_Jim says:

    These girls combined the old time scary with the sleazy-
    in a parody of the “naughty ___________ ” costumes.

    Or they could be preparing next year’s Mylie Cyrus/ Lindsey Lohan dead celebrity costumes.

  2. Trish Mac says:

    If these kids showed up at my door, I’d either shoot ’em or run out the back!!!!

  3. Gumballs_of_Surprise says:

    Terry_Jim, I’d say they were the anti-Miley.

    Trish, people don’t have the imagination of today. Yet, that was just old clothes and bedsheets back then….. is that one on the right wearing a floor rug??? creepy

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