Paris’ Idea To Have AC Free Olympics Runs Into A Snag

See, Paris really, really, really wants the Olympics with the lowest carbon footprint (except for the hundreds and hundreds of fossil fueled jets, all the FF vehicles), so, they cut the AC at the venues and dorms. They’re expecting about 300K to attend, not including the athletes, trainers, etc. About that

Paris wanted an AC-free Olympics. Visiting nations had other plans.

For all the steps Paris organizers have taken to put on the greenest Olympics ever, their boldest measure – the one they’ve touted again and again – pertains to the dorms in the Athletes’ Village. The rooms don’t have air-conditioning. Because of other cooling measures, organizers have assured, the athletes won’t need it.

But in a farcical turn, when the Games start next month, an Olympic Village designed to showcase sustainability will be more of an energy hog than organizers had hoped.

That’s because portable air-conditioning units will be everywhere. Wheeled in. Shipped in. Ordered by visiting countries that want their athletes to sleep well and perform at the highest level – even if it means a larger carbon footprint.

Worried about what potentially could be the world’s hottest year on record, wealthier nations have effectively undercut Paris’s marquee sustainability measure, signaling that, yes, they care about environmental aims – but not if it risks the comfort of their athletes. Some of those athletes are accustomed to temperatures cooler than what the dorms might have provided and raised concerns to their national Olympic committees.

Bleating about the need to Do Something is all fun and games right up till it’s the Warmists themselves who are forced to Do Something, eh?

“We will bring them. And we will take them back to Greece,” said Alexandra Palli, president of the Greek Olympic committee for environmental sustainability, who said her country was responding to the wishes of its athletes. “They need support. Because what they do is very difficult anyway.”

There’s always some reason why Warmists do not have to walk the talk.

And then there’s the matter what athletes are accustomed to.

“Temperature control is a big thing,” said Kat Holmes, a fencer from Washington, D.C. “I like it really cold when I sleep.”

More precisely, she likes the temperature set at 69 degrees. (snip)

“I am very pro-environment,” she said. “But the point of this is to bring together the world’s best athletes to perform the best they can.”

The perfect allegory: the world needs to do something, as long as it doesn’t inconvenience me.

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6 Responses to “Paris’ Idea To Have AC Free Olympics Runs Into A Snag”

  1. Dana says:

    The latitude of Paris puts it just south of our primary border with Canada, so air conditioning is usually a ‘requirement,’ but the Olympics are going to take place at the end of July and beginning of August, the hottest part of the year in the northern hemisphere, and very hot days and nights are always possible.

    The organizers might have done a great job, or this might all blow up in their faces; we won’t know until it happens.

  2. SD says:

    AWESOME Hamas hostage rescue: Dramatic moment Israeli troops shoot their way into Gaza property

  3. david7134 says:

    The problem with doing away with AC is that houses are not built in a manner to compensate for the lack of AC. That is especially true of hotels, and France is horrible without AC.

  4. david7134 says:

    If we are having excessive heat, witch I doubt, then no AC is cruel.

  5. Bob says:

    No AC installed. So everybody is going to bring in portable AC units.

    Those portable units suck up massive amounts of electricity to run.

    My money says the designers and builders of the Athletes’ Village did not anticipate the massive additional electrical load those units (probably at least one in each room) will cause when they are all plugged in, so the buildings were/are not wired for such an unexpected development.

    If nothing is done, then stand by for the (possible) unintended consequences of overloaded electrical lines, tripped circuit breakers and the general mayhem that the failure of an insufficient power grid will cause because of no electricity – for anything – no phone chargers, no lights, nothing. With 300,000+ expected to attend, it just might be epic.

    Probably we’ll see a bunch of those large truck-mounted electrical generators brought in, running on fossil fuels and spewing out vast clouds of diesel exhaust, with power cables running all over the place.

    Or perhaps the organizers and powers that be will just not allow any portable AC units to be brought in. If that happens, it could mean that the boycotts, etc., may be world class.

    The games, starting in less than a month, means there is not enough time to do anything else.

    So say goodbye to the “lowest carbon footprint ever”. What a hoot.

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