Doom Today: British Pints And Columbian Coffee

So, things that people drink in the morning are in trouble

Fears for the future of the great British pint of beer

Climate change threatens to “call time” on the great British pint.

But scientists are working with the brewing industry to help save it.

Hops give bitter its taste but the plant doesn’t like the hotter, drier conditions we’ve experienced in recent decades and production has plummeted.

Researchers in Kent are isolating hop genes in the hope of producing more climate-change resilient varieties.

They also want to produce more intense flavours that are now becoming popular.

“Without it, the British pint is going to die off,” Danielle Whelan of the Shepherd Neame brewery said of the work.

Yeah, well, things change. Wine was grown in England during the Medieval Warm Period. They could barely grow wheat in France during the Little Ice Age. Mankind adapts

Climate change ‘putting future of Colombian coffee production in danger’

A multitude of challenges including climate change is putting coffee production “in danger”, according to farmers in Colombia, which is a major exporter to the UK.

Coffee farmers in the South American country’s Sierra Nevada mountain range say warming temperatures are forcing them to plant their crops on higher ground, while increasingly unpredictable rainfall cycles are affecting growth and harvesting logistics.

The region used to be free of coffee plant diseases but farmers say climate change means their plants are increasingly vulnerable to rust, brown eye spot or borer insects, further hitting their yields.

Production in the area has shrunk by 35% in the last five years, according to the Latin American and Caribbean Fairtrade Network (CLAC).

Well, move production. Things will not stay the same on Earth, no matter what the Warmists think. Many of those Colombian highlands used to be essentially farmland, bushland, but, over time they turned into jungles all the way up to the top.

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4 Responses to “Doom Today: British Pints And Columbian Coffee”

  1. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

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    And he gets more and more popular as time goes on. We’re at the point where puss is more popular then Joe Biden. Now it’s time for the Dems to start false reporting that Biden is gaining popularity watch. They always start the lies when he gets down real low.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Brandon and MyLilStalker love them some OBSESSION!!

      How did Fat Donnie the Mob Boss outflank anyone? His criminal trial based on his effort to cover up his affair with a porn star, Stormy Daniels, by paying her hush money, starts in 3 weeks!! Paying hush money to keep a woman quiet for having sex with a married man, IS NOT a crime! Alvin Bragg, the Black NY prosecutor says,

      “The core is not money for sex,” Bragg told a local affiliate late last year. “We would say it’s about conspiring to corrupt a presidential election and then lying in New York business records to cover it up.”

      Each of the 34 felony counts could result in 4 year sentence, but first time felons usually are not sentenced to prison. The Mob Boss tried to get the case delayed. No dice according to the judge.

      Once Fat Donnie the Mob Boss figures out that Judge Juan Manuel Merchan is a Bolivian immigrant, all hell will be unleashed!!

      Mr Brandon, living in the Trump bubble, doesn’t see reality. Trump IS more popular with his worshipers as their Dark Lord is being crucified by the libs, dems, press, DOJ, etc.

  2. William Ahbless says:

    I live in SW Idaho and we grow a shit ton of hops. We are a desert that benefits from our mountain ranges to the North and East in form of abundant irrigation.
    Now, we might not grow the same variety of hops that merry olde England enjoys, but they’re still hops.

  3. unklc says:

    Grew hops in MN, started to grow some in TX, people here do grow it, but Auntie Em decided that she wanted the area I was planning to use. The climate here in S.E TX is a tad harsh with heat and humidity, but my research said that hops was growable. Maybe not the variety English brewers want, but another variety might work.

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