Emotional Science: Warmists Try New Term,”Outdoor Days”, To Scare People

Can you tell the difference between 60F and 61.6F when you’re outside? Does it really make that much difference? To the climate cult scientists it sure does, at least in terms of trying to scaremonger (note: the article has massive run-on paragraphs, which I’ve broken down a bit)

Scientists devise a new, relatable measure of climate change: “outdoor days”

Climate change will bring more days of pleasant weather to the Global North while subtracting from the tally of nice days in the Global South, according to a new study. The analysis features a new measure of climate change’s impact on daily life in the form of “outdoor days,” denoting days when the weather is mild enough for outdoor work and recreation activities.

Many studies of climate change impacts focus on changes in mean temperature – a measure that has little intuitive meaning for most people – or extreme weather events – which only occur occasionally. The new approach instead emphasizes the quotidian.

“Our findings have important implications for the future of quality of life in different climate regions across the world,” says study team member Yeon-Woo Choi, a postdoctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Choi and his collaborators gathered historical temperature data and projections from nearly 50 different climate models, as well as economic data and global population projections through the year 2100 from existing databases. They calculated the number of days per year that any given point on the globe will experience temperatures between 10 and 25 °C (50-77 °F), now and in the future. The work is one of only a few studies to consider changes in mild weather at a global scale, and the first to do so using a comprehensive array of climate models.

It’s the Earth: there will always be hot days, cold days, mild days. Rain, sun, snow, foggy. Etc and so forth.

Today, the populated areas of the world experience an average of about 165 days of mild weather annually (45% of the year), the researchers report in the Journal of Climate. Generally countries in the Global South enjoy more outdoor days than countries in the Global North. But climate change is altering these patterns. In tropical areas, “outdoor days have decreased by about 13% in the last three decades compared to the period 1961-1990,” the researchers write.

This is Emotional Science: simply putting together supposed data in a way to cause people to have concern.

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One Response to “Emotional Science: Warmists Try New Term,”Outdoor Days”, To Scare People”

  1. CT Ginger says:

    I grew up in New England. I worked tobacco in the summer and shoveled snow in the winter. In my experience virtually every day’s weather is fit for work outside if you have to work.

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