Berkeley Loses Appeal On Gas Ban For New Hookups

It’s a pretty big decision that can and should have implications nationally for when cities and states try this type of ban. Not that it will stop the climate cultists in government from giving it a whirl and forcing citizens to sue

Berkeley settles lawsuit to repeal gas ban, in final blow to dozens of California measures

The City of Berkeley has settled a lawsuit by the California Restaurant Association to repeal that city’s first-in-the-nation ban on gas hookups in new construction, dealing a final blow to more than a hundred similar measures in California cities including Sacramento.

Berkeley’s 2019 gas ban became a cornerstone in a national battle over the future of fossil gas in buildings as dozens of other municipal and county governments followed suit — including Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles.

The Friday announcement comes after a federal appeals court declined to rehear the case on Berkeley’s ordinance that a panel of judges struck down last year for preempting federal energy law.

In a press release, the Sacramento-based California Restaurant Association said Berkeley will take steps to formally repeal the ordinance as part of the settlement. Until the city repeals the measure in its legislative process, it will not enforce the measure.

Sacramento has already stated that they will not enforce their own law. And, I’ll be honest, I’m rather torn on this: if the gas is coming from California sources, should federal policy having any bearing, or should it be state and local? Does everything have to be federal?

With outright municipal gas hookup bans stifled, some cities are pushing for an alternative approach to cut out gas from buildings: “fuel-neutral” energy performance ordinances.

Instead of forbidding gas in new or existing construction, local governments in California are electing to set energy efficiency standards for buildings. Because gas is less efficient, the policies ultimately favor renewable or cleaner produced electricity.

It just goes to show that the climate cult will always look for a way. But, is gas really less efficient? When it’s hooked up it’s always available, unlike solar and wind. But, hey, as we all keep saying, the Comrades in California keep voting for this stuff, so, let them deal with the consequences.

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7 Responses to “Berkeley Loses Appeal On Gas Ban For New Hookups”

  1. Dana says:

    I’ve had several articles on my poor site noting how wealthy New Englanders, when remodeling their expensive homes on the show This Old House, mostly choose for natural gas heating, cooking, and water heating. Those areas voted very heavily for the dummkopf from Delaware, but it seems that they are far more interested in Other People being required to sacrifice to fight global warming climate change.

  2. unklc says:

    Unless one is a ‘true believer’ of the GlowBull Warming Cult, if natural gas is available it is the preferred choice for heating, water heating, and cooking. The equipment and installation cost as well as the operating cost is generally lower than sparktricity, also fewer outages in bad weather. I usually factor the actual operating cost into the ‘efficiency’ of an appliance.
    A side bonus for gas in cooking is the simplicity and speed of controlling heat with a gas cooker. Folks will actually install propane in areas where natural gas is not available in order to cook with gas.

  3. Joe says:

    The other day there were multiple ads on the idiot box railing about the “dangers” of natural gas use in the home. The claims were easily mitigated by one keeping the burners clean. The ads were pointed to kids and easily coerced mouth breathers as a way to gain a foothold in banning natural gas use.

  4. Wylie1 says:

    Tin foil hat time here: Is China behind all this senseless environmentalism that causes so much damage to our economy?

  5. JimS says:

    Natural gas has the added bonus that you can install a generator to produce electricity when the grid goes down. Last time I had a nulti-day power outage, I had to break out my Coleman stove to cook on, and it uses that old “white gas” fuel. How rayciss of it. 🙂

  6. alanstorm says:

    With outright municipal gas hookup bans stifled, some cities are pushing for an alternative approach to cut out gas from buildings: “fuel-neutral” energy performance ordinances.

    The same horsecrap they killed incandescent bulbs with, and are trying to kill off the ICE with: “We’re not banning it! We’re just changing the rules so it can’t be legally used!”

    No one fooled by this should vote or breed. If they want to try chainsaw juggling, they should go ahead.

  7. david7134 says:

    There is a new video on You Tube that summates all the reasons that AGW climate change is a hoax.

    Called: Climate the movie. Takes all of the Z points and flushes them.

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