Bucks County, Pa, Sues Oil Companies For Climate Doom

As I always say, the sued companies should simply refuse to provide, at a minimum, their products to the government of Bucks County, which is just north of Killadelphia, er, Philly. Let’s see how well that goes for their operations, especially when it gets to be winter. And maybe stop selling altogether in the county. Let’s see how people enjoy that for commuting. I wonder what the citizens think, since Biden only won 51.7% of the vote

Bucks Co. lawsuit alleges ‘big oil’ intentionally lied about climate crisis for decades

Bucks County officials, on Monday, announced a sweeping lawsuit targeting, what county leaders called, “titans of the fossil fuel industry,’ alleging the companies intentionally deceived the public about the role of oil in accelerating the climate crisis.

As detailed in a statement on the lawsuit, officials allege that the companies named in the court documents — BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil, Philips 66, Shell and API — have “known for decades, with startling precision, that their products would bring about climate change and destabilization.”

“These companies have known since at least the 1950s that their ways of doing business were having calamitous effects on our planet, and rather than change what they were doing or raise the alarm, they lied to all of us,” said Bucks County Commissioner Gene DiGirolamo, in a statement. “The taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for these companies and their greed.”

In a statement, officials said the lawsuit — through which the county is seeking a financial amount for damages, though it doesn’t explicitly specify a total amount sought — seeks to hold these “big oil” companies accountable for the damage that oil has done to the environment.

If there were actually journalists left in the nation they would have asked DiGirolamo and the rest who voted for this if they drive fossil fueled vehicles themselves. If they take air travel. Have natural gas at home. They did try and contact the fossil fuels companies.

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8 Responses to “Bucks County, Pa, Sues Oil Companies For Climate Doom”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The predictable Mr Teach believes that Big Oil should stop selling product to Pennsylvania! Of course, businesses should probably not take his advice, since their raison d’etre is to sell stuff.

    This was always the bête noire for Big Oil – being held responsible for the costs of negative externalities, a result of the market failures – much like Big Tobacco experienced.

    Who should pay for the adverse effects from oil, gas and coal sales?

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Always the libturd “narrative”, huh Rimjob?

    • Brother John says:

      When the Democrat party is held responsible for all of its negative externalities — destroyed families, ruined currency, shuttered businesses, multigenerational dependency, constitutional destruction, profligacy, and anything else you can think of, then I’ll pretend to care about “negative externalities” caused by “Big Oil.”

      In the meanwhile, the idea that “Big Oil” is causing “climate change” is ridiculous idiocy with all the scientific merit of voodoo and the voters of Bucks County and any other such locality should suffer for voting in such morons who insist on straying outside their lanes when they can’t even fix the roads. Fuck ’em.

    • JimS says:

      The difference is that people need fossil fuels…. they only want tobacco.

    • CarolAnn says:

      Seems like Elwood dragged out his dictionary French sayings used in English. Way to go always at least it keeps you out of trouble. And it was very cautious of you to use all the French terms made you almost look like an intelligent person.

  2. SD says:

    The Great Migration – Numbers are in on the migration from Blue Counties to Red Counties – 3.7 Million actually!


  3. wildman says:

    bucks county is very gay and artsy. no surprise here. lets cut off their power, water, sewerage handling, food deliveries and medicines and they can all go back to living as gaia wants. you know, starving, cold and dead by age 30.

    • Kye says:

      The last time I was in Bucks County it was loaded with queers. All the cute and quaintness had gone out of it especially after dark. I had gone to New Hope to dine with some friends and my wife and when we walked out of the restaurant I thought I was at one of those Fulton St. parades. I was knee deep in fags and they were all kissing and hugging and prancing all over the place. Looked like somebody had put that Dylan Mulvaney putz in a replicator. We attempted to do a little shopping but it was pointless since scantily clad fags were grossing us out.

      We ate at D’Floret and the food was delish. Expensive if you’re not a leftist. Plus everything on the menu had a gimmick. This was free range, that was organic, the other was farm grown etcetera etcetera. It was like they were presenting food to a bunch of nitwits who would need anything that wasn’t specially made. They had notations all over the place of what was hypoallergenic and all kinds of nonsense. I was joking around with the waiter and I said do you have anything that was hand grown in Brazil by virgins. He didn’t think my joke was funny. Well this was last summer I have to try it again this year.

      Sad really we used to really love New Hope and peddler’s village when they were cute little towns to shop. Now they’re queer colonies and not so much fun.

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