Aussie XR Wackos Protesting Force Woman To Give Birth On Side Of Road

These nutjobs never consider that their actions are causing problems for other people, but, they think it’s a small price to pay to Save The World (via Green Jihad)

Mum forced to give birth on freeway after climate protest blocks West Gate

A Melbourne mother has thanked a teacher who helped deliver her baby on the side of the road after climate protesters blocked the West Gate Bridge, stopping her from getting to a hospital.

Roshni Lad and her husband Bhairav drove down the wrong side of the road in a panic on their way to hospital during the hours-long blockade yesterday.But after Roshni’s water broke, the couple were forced to pull over and deliver the new baby boy without the help of medical professionals. (snip)

The bridge was blocked off four hours during peak hour yesterday, causing major traffic delays on the West Gate Bridge and nearby roads.

Thank goodness everything went well and the baby is healthy.

Two climate protesters have been sentenced to 21 days in jail over the stunt, after they pleaded guilty to obstructing police and emergency service workers.

Deanna ‘Violet’ Coco, 33, from NSW and 51-year-old Bradley Homewood from Williamstown pleaded guilty to two counts of public nuisance by obstructing motorists and obstructing police and emergency service workers yesterday.

Their co-accused, Joseph Zammit, 68, from Melbourne, also pleaded guilty to the same charges.

He was released on bail on the condition that he not attend unlawful protests or undertake any unlawful actions during a protest and not associate with Coco and Homewood.

The Aussie justice system moves pretty quick, eh? What’s the over/under that all three are back protesting soon? Because, if you click that link in the first excerpt, the XR cultists are promising to cause more chaos in Melbourne. I wonder how many are wearing clothing created with petroleum?

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5 Responses to “Aussie XR Wackos Protesting Force Woman To Give Birth On Side Of Road”

  1. H says:

    Interesting factoid about the baby birth.

    More important to most was the very strong jobs report that came out today 335000 well above expectations (again)
    Fear mongering of RECESSION!!looks now to be over hyped, (again)
    Presumably like last month migrants are filling 50% of those new jobs.
    Why would capitalists choose to hire those military migrants who only came here for the free phones, healthcare, and education?

  2. Dana says:

    21 days, huh? 21 months would have been a more appropriate sentence. Perhaps 21 years would have been excessive, but would send a message to the rest of these mentally-challenged protesters.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Agreed. the Melbourne protesters and the Jan 6 “protesters” should all serve 21 years!!

  3. Mike says:

    Your TDS is strong

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