“Attachment Theory” Could Help Solve ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Let’s delve into another round of climate cult blabbering about something as a deflection from why Warmists mostly fail to practice what they preach

Can attachment theory save us from climate change?

What does a theory that helps explain romantic relationship styles in adults have to do with caring about climate change and the environment?

A lot, says one Kansas researcher. It’s called attachment theory, and you may have encountered it in your own therapy or through the many social media channels and podcasts dedicated to helping people be better partners.

The latest research shows that attachment theory, which is about how our early childhood bonds affect individual behavior and how we form adult romantic relationships throughout life, could be far more existential than we first thought. It might help preserve the health of our planet.

“For the sake of simplicity, people who are secure, low anxiety or avoidant, are the ones who are more likely to engage in pro-social behavior and be more altruistic – like caring about climate change,” Prof. Omri Gillath, professor of psychology at the University of Kansas, told Reckon. “Whereas people who are insecure in relationships, high anxiety or avoidant, are less likely to engage in that process or will do it for the wrong reasons — to deal with their anxieties, get close to other people and feel appreciated.”

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Interestingly, it’s the Warmists who are constantly freaking out about ‘climate change’. It’s not Skeptics suffering from eco-anxiety, is it? We aren’t the ones forming/going to support groups, right? The idea here, though, is to attempt to tell people that they are big meanies and anti-social if they refuse to give up their money and freedom to government to Do Something.

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One Response to ““Attachment Theory” Could Help Solve ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Genocide Joe the commie says:

    A friend and fellow firefighter who happens to be a black guy told me last night over dinner that the Democrats he being one of them are planning to muster up 100 million votes this time around for biden’s reelection. He was with his white wife, I was with my 2 Hispanic girlfriends and we were sitting in a Chinese restaurant. My response to him was they’re gonna need 100 million votes to beat us racists. We all laughed our asses off after which I looked at him and said I actually believe you.

    This will be the second time you’ll be voting for Trump. He believes the Democrat party is so corrupt that it makes the Communist Party in the Soviet Union looked like the Boy Scouts. I agree. All I have to do is read the brainwashing nonsense that Elwood posts and H posts to realize the extent to which the Democrat party is going down the rabbit hole of insanity. Their belief in their own lies which means they’ve crossed the line into insanity. None of these guys make this stuff up they parrot this from their left wing sites. Probably from MSNBC and CNN. I watched them the other day and I almost fell off my chair. They were blatantly saying that their stations should not air speeches or responses by president trump because he might lie. So according to them we’re too stupid to sort through the lies like no other politician lies. We’ve been watching the entire Democrat party insist that they’re taking care of the southern border for a year now everyday I lie. But they’re worried about trump. I think it was carville who made the obnoxious statement that they shouldn’t treat him like a person. Attaboy let’s bring that old Nazi attitude in here, subhumans we are subhumans.

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