Your Fault: Sri Lanka Sees More Incidents With Crocodiles

You could have stopped this by ending your reliance on fossil fuels and making the first world energy poor like the 3rd world

As Sri Lanka floods swell with climate change, so does human-crocodile conflict

Flying birds, running squirrels, hopping hares and snakes are species that frequent the tea estates in Akuressa in southern Sri Lanka. But an unusual heavy rustling and crawling sound of an animal disturbed a woman plucking tea, who let out a loud scream as she realized it was a giant crocodile next to her. She ran toward others, and the villagers caught this 15-foot-long giant after a difficult and risky operation.

Tea plantations are not considered the habitat of saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus), but there was severe rain in the area and the nearby Nilwala River began to flood. The crocodile likely reached the edge of the flooded area and got trapped in the tea plot as the flooding receded, said Priyanath Sanjeewa, a Matara district wildlife ranger.

The tea estate incident happened during the 2017 floods, but similar incidents where crocodiles ended up in areas that humans inhabit remain a common occurrence when the Nilwala River floods. The river also accounts for the country’s worst human-crocodile conflict, Sanjeewa said. (snip)

During a severe flood event that occurred in October, crocodiles were spotted in several paddy fields and along slightly flooded roads, Sanjeewa told Mongabay. Crocodiles had also moved to small canals where the water was calmer than in the river.

There were posts on social media warning people about crocodiles and referring to an incident when a dog was snatched by a croc. Displaced when their homes were flooded, this was an additional worry to flood victims.

Sri Lanka, at the southeastern tip of India (I bet most Warmists have zero idea where it is), has a long history of flooding and other disasters. It now has a much larger, and growing, population of humans. In 1960 the population was 10 million. It’s now 22 million. It’s a densely populated island. The crocodile population has grown quite a bit since the 1970’s, when lots of environmental protections were put in place. Floods will happen, and the crocs will follow, since the humans move into their domains. No need to invoke witchcraft, er, ‘climate change.’ But, that’s all the climate cult knows how to do.

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6 Responses to “Your Fault: Sri Lanka Sees More Incidents With Crocodiles”

  1. h says:

    I bet not many climate change deniers know that those are are also the only known reptiles to use tools. They balance sticks on their heads to attract birds to land.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    And I was just saying how we never hear anything good about Climate Change (TM). It seems climate change (TM) is good for endangered species.

  3. Dana says:

    It’s just free food: croc is tasty!

  4. sd says:

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