Colorado Town Bans 7the Fossil Fuels Station

That’ll show those Evil fossil fuels companies!

Blue Colorado ‘burb bans new gas stations to fight climate change

Electric vehicleA Democratic-led suburb in Colorado is doing its “obligation” to fight climate change — approving a proposed ban on all new gas stations.

The city council in Louisville — 20 miles outside Denver — voted Tuesday to set the cap at six filling stations for its 21,000 residents. A seventh would be allowed only if it’s part of a large retail center.

Any new station would also be required to include at least two charging stations for electric vehicles — and be 1,000 feet away from an existing station.

“I don’t think any single action this council or community takes is going to fix climate change,” council member Maxine Most said during the vote. “But I think it’s a really good idea to decarbonize because it sends a signal and it sends a message.”

The message is “the city council is a bunch of idiots and worried about the wrong things.” But, hey, the citizens voted for these lunatics, when vital services start going downhill it’s on them.

The suburb currently has five gas stations, with a sixth approved for construction.

Louisville leaders also hope the ban persuades residents to ditch their gas vehicles for electric cars.

I’m not finding any articles where a reporter asked the members of the city council if they have switched over to EVs themselves, and ended any use of natural gas at their homes, among other things they can do to reduce their “carbon footprints.”

Meanwhile, Brandon took a fossil fueled helicopter to the airport, jumped in his jumbo jet, and took off to Canada today, with a multiple other fossil fueled airplanes to protect him, and

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6 Responses to “Colorado Town Bans 7the Fossil Fuels Station”

  1. alanstorm says:

    The message is “the city council is a bunch of idiots and worried about the wrong things.”

    LOTS of messages like that floating around these days.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Leftists are always “sending a message” about something. The message usually revolves around something they deem important and nobody else gives a damn about.

      Congrats to my dad. His new ridiculously expensive Mercedes Electric SUV arrived at last. I don’t know how many small black slaves were harmed or killed in its production but my dad feels wonderful since he is cutting his carbon down (I guess his 12000 SF home in Palm Beach doesn’t count). He did receive a jolt when he was informed his insurance on said SUV was $670 per month. Just for comparison the insurance on my new 2023 Corvette is $220 per month and no black child slaves were destroyed in it making.

      I guess I’m just not virtuous.

  2. Jl says:

    No more bad weather…..

  3. tdothen says:

    Most gas stations are franchise arrangements and operate on a bare minimum of profit.

    If a new station has been approved in an area with 5 stations already existing, one or more of them might fall below their respective profit points, which would probably result in them closing.
    Will the city fathers mandate that none of them close, even if they are losing money?

    • Professor Hale says:

      In my area, new gas stations of more popular brands (sheetz, waawa, royal farms) are being built all the time and older stations (shell, exxon, bp) close. It is business evolution.

  4. James Lewis says:

    Louisville is actually a suburb of Boulder, them home of the Far Let University of Co.

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