All That California Snow Is Your Fault, You Know

Please give your money and freedom to Government and we can stop this from happening in the future

Earth is warming up. So why is California having a record-breaking winter?

My anxiety is on high alert every time I’ve had to leave my house over the last couple of months,” Ben Lomond resident Cheryl Noon told The Chronicle on Thursday. Noon and her two children have had to evacuate from the Santa Cruz Mountains three times since January.

“I don’t know how long I’m going to be gone,” Noon said.

All this winter weather may seem to be at odds with the hotter, drier California that scientists expect with climate change, as greenhouse gas emissions raise global temperatures. But that trend is taking place over longer timescales, across the entire planet. What happens in California from year to year — or even winter to winter — can vary dramatically and still fit into the bigger story, scientists say.

“Weather does not equal climate,” said Erica Siirila-Woodburn, a hydrology research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, by email.

Well, that’s very interesting. The San Francisco Chronicle is taking the line from about 10 years ago, that the doomy warmth is coming, but, hey, sometimes it will get really cold.

Some scientists also think that atmospheric warming can change how air masses move around the planet by altering jet streams, strong winds that travel about 5-9 miles above the Earth’s surface.

“As the Earth warms, the general circulation that keeps a nice jet stream and contains that polar air up in the polar regions starts to break down,” said Mike Anderson, state climatologist with the California Department of Water Resources, during a March 3 media briefing.

Ah, there it is. It gets super warm so it makes places super cold. Cult Thought.

Storm-ravaged California hit by another potent atmospheric river


Context: Atmospheric rivers are potent because narrow currents in the air can carry vast amounts of water vapor thousands of miles — and they have hammered California so far this year.

Climate change is adding even more moisture to atmospheric rivers, enabling them to dump higher rain and snow totals, Axios’ Andrew Freedman notes.

Freak Weather Highlights Risk Surrounding California Development Decisions

California’s freak weather of the past four months — leaving hundreds stranded by heavy snowfalls in the mountains of San Bernardino County east of Los Angeles into early March — are the latest reminders why analysts expect climate change to become an increasing risk factor in California development.

Climate considerations have now become a full-year preoccupation for developers, insurers and others who finance projects in California and other West Coast states — not just the summer and fall wildfire seasons that have wreaked havoc during the past decade, or the considerations made necessary by earthquake preparedness.

Yes, it is a cult.

Another ‘Atmospheric River’ Looms for Northern California, But San Diego Will Escape Worst

Millions of Californians are under threat from an approaching storm that could trigger intense downpours and widespread flooding in many parts of the state, including in some mountainous areas already buried under a near-record snowfall. (snip)

The growing frequency and intensity of such storms and bouts of extreme drought, are symptomatic of human-caused climate change, experts say. The storms make it more difficult to manage California’s precious water supplies while minimizing the heightened risks of floods and wildfires.


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5 Responses to “All That California Snow Is Your Fault, You Know”

  1. Matthew says:

    Mark my words, this water will not last. The felons at the California Water Resources Board will no doubt squander every drop to the point of rationing as soon as possible, in fact, it’s already happening. They will do this to continue the (manufactured) “unprecedented emergency drought conditions due to climate change”. Just like they did with the last round of full reservoirs and the one before that and the one before that. They do it every time. They treat full reservoirs in California like toilets and flush it all into the Pacific, they belong in prison.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Global warming somehow results in INCREASED regional snowfall?? Impossible! Unprecedented! Unbelievable! Unthinkable! Unimaginable!

    Work backwards from our Central Tenet: It’s always about CONTROL by the ELITES. Soros’ Jewish Space Lasers (SJSL) are being used to generate winter HEAT-SNOW and summer WILDFIRES! ALL with the intent by ELITE demcoms to humiliate patriots by forcing them to drive girly EVs! Bwahaha!!

    Just think about who’s in THE CULT: Major religions, scientific organizations, governments, big media, corporations, colleges and universities… See a PATTERN? All ELITES!! All The Enemy!! They ALL think THEY know more than WE, THE PEOPLE! COLLEGES teach the TEACHERS who teach (groom) our children to be good government/corporate ‘citizens’. Queers and Drag Queens ‘groom’ our children to tolerate those that are different!!

    This is why they want to GRAB YOUR GUNS!! Other than Lorena Boebert, have you ever seen a Drag Queen holster a pistol*? Speaking of Drag Queens, the Duchy of Flo-Rida has banned men wearing women’s clothing with carve-outs for men wearing robes for religious ceremonies such as baptisms, weddings and cross-burnings. Interestingly, FL Governor DeSantis is contemplating banning men wearing makeup except for TV appearances!

    Where were we? Oh yeah. The ELITES, whose only objective is to CONTROL your behavior, will use every tool in their toolbelt** to CONTROL patriots. Even the climate.

    *FL Governor Ron DeSantis has argued that all Drag Queens actually do ‘holster a pistol’ if you catch his drift, and that THAT is the problem with Drag Queens’ existence.

    **Mr McGrunt Simplefatt of Rocky Top, TN pointed out that ELITES have NEVER wo,rn a toolbelt except as part of a costume, as in the groomer group Village People, whose construction worker wore one, but ironically.

    • James Lewis says:

      Dear Elwood:

      “Just think about who’s in THE CULT: Major religions, scientific organizations, governments, big media, corporations, colleges and universities… See a PATTERN? All ELITES!! All The Enemy!”

      Ah, so an appeal to the powerful settles the question, eh???

      Well, you do love group think so very much…..

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        It’s Mr Teach who identifies major religions, scientific organizations, governments, big media, corporations, colleges and universities and The Cult.

        This means the unCult are people such as you and Teach and Marjorie Taylor Greene. Group unThink.

  3. Zachriel says:

    William Teach: It gets super warm so it makes places super cold.

    1. That’s right. Global mean temperatures can increase even if regional temperatures decrease.
    2. The weakening of the Arctic jet stream results in breakout cold in mid-latitudes and warming in Arctic latitudes. See how cold air moves into the western U.S. and Europe, even while the Arctic and the rest of the globe warms.
    3. Most models of climate change indicate that, while the mean temperature will increase, the variance will also increase. That means more record temperatures being set, with warm records tending to outnumber cold records.

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