Utah Ends Gender Surgeries And Hormone Therapies For Minors

Obviously, this is making the supporters of the gender confused Outraged

Utah Bans Hormone Therapy And Gender Surgeries For Minors

Republican Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signed a bill Saturday that will ban gender affirming treatment and surgery for minors identifying as transgender in the state.

The bill, dubbed SB0016, was sponsored by Republican state Sen. Michael Kennedy in December who argued that current gender-affirming procedures “lack sufficient research” calling the nationwide push to enter this version of healthcare “radical and dangerous,” KUER reported.

SB0016 will prohibit health care providers from administering “a hormonal transgender treatment to new patients who were not diagnosed with gender dysphoria before a certain date,” it will prohibit doctors from “performing sex characteristic surgical procedures on a minor for the purpose of effectuating a sex change,”and it requires the Utah Department of Health and Human Services to “conduct a systematic review of the medical evidence regarding hormonal transgender treatments and provide recommendations to the Legislature.”

People cannot drink a beer legally until 21. They cannot purchase a handgun (or even possess one) if under 18. You cannot sign a legally binding document if under 18. Why should children, even with parental consent, be allowed to make major life changing choices? And, really, anyone making these choices should have to undergo serious discussions to make sure this is what they really, really want, and are not doing it as a fad.

The bill was hotly contested within the Utah Legislature, most notably by Republican Sen. Daniel Thatcher who argued that the legislation would ban potentially life-saving care from transgender youth, citing an American Academy of Pediatrics study on transgender suicide rates, KUER reported.

Basically, Thatcher is a moonbat Democrat. Having genitals chopped off and hormones pumped into growing children is not life saving. It’s purely elective. Let them become adults, having pretended to be the opposite sex for a few years, to see if they really want this or realize peer pressure is not what it’s cracked up to be.

I linked this from Diogenes’ Middle Finger on Sunday, let’s look a bit

Demanding Tolerance of the Abnormal

One of the left’s primary goals has always been to convince us that we are not normal if we do not affirm its ideology, a well established tactic among totalitarians. People who believe in normal things are under attack in America. We are assaulted on a near continuous basis by leftists who practice and promote behavior that is clearly abnormal. Frighteningly, some of this behavior is not merely abnormal, it’s evil. (snip)

Grown men dressed as women and performing provocatively before preschoolers, people pretending to be a sex they are not is not normal. Promoting obesity is not normal, it’s dangerous.  Taking money from people and giving it to other people, otherwise known as wealth redistribution, is not normal. It produces mediocrity. Letting criminal suspects out of jail with no restrictions or repercussions is not normal, degrades and endangers society. Boys playing sports against girls is not normal and never should be.  The left actively promotes demands things that simply fly in the face nature itself.

Letting children have gender “changing” medical procedures with lifelong consequences is not normal. A paper calls the condition “rapid onset gender dysphoria”, and says it is “socially contagious.” Like eating Tide Pods, wearing pegged jeans, and playing with fidget spinners. But, way, way more dangerous.

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2 Responses to “Utah Ends Gender Surgeries And Hormone Therapies For Minors”

  1. H says:

    Of course BIG GOVERNMENT should have absolute control of our bodies.
    Neither parents or children should have any decision making ability if BIG GOVERNMENT (or religion, Utah has the highest rate of child sex abuse) declared something VERBOTEN . Sexual expression
    Must be controlled by the state and religion in order to secure social order. People who are not considered ” normal” MUST confirm to both religion and state dictates concerning sexuality. We must move forward by returning to the past when America was Great

    • Professor Hale says:

      Hairy acts as if he is unaware that every state regulates the health care industry and establishes what are considered normal and customary practices and what is considered mal-practice. Every state, not just Utah. Doctors who mutilate and poison their patients to achieve cosmetic and mental health preferences are performing mal-practice not reasonable care in the patient’s best interest.

      Men who have sex change surgery don’t become women. When many of them find that out, suicide becomes their best option. Changing back is currently beyond the limits of surgical ability.

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