Kamala Turns Monterey Park Memorial Into Gun Grabbing Rally

She didn’t quite explain what laws would have stopped the unhinged, wacko shooter

Harris visits Monterey Park to meet with victims’ families

Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Monterey Park, California, on Wednesday to meet with victims’ families days after a mass shooter there killed 11 and wounded at least nine others at a Lunar New Year celebration inside a dance studio.

Harris visited Star Dance Studio to mourn the loss of the victims of the Monterey Park shooting, expressing the administration’s “deepest condolences and sorrows for the violent and tragic and useless thing that happened” there.

The vice president, carrying a large bouquet of Yellow lilies and white roses, took time looking at each of the 11 memorials set up at the dance studio in honor of the victims.

After paying her respects, the Vice President laid the bouquet down, and walked to the press, delivering short remarks– urging that the country take action to address the all-too-common tragedies.

“You know we’ve already had in our country this year — already, we’re in January — It’s estimated over 40 mass killings already. And tragically, we keep saying the same thing. I have had the unfortunate experience of visiting many of these sites, sometimes within days of a massacre like this. We will always, as a compassionate nation, mourn for the loss and pray for those who survive in their recover. But we must also require that leaders of nations who have the ability and the power and the responsibility to do something, that they act,” Harris said.

Harris praised California for their work on smart gun safety laws, but stressed that Congress must take action for the country as a whole, and “have courage to do the right thing.”

Harris was asked if she believed the current Congress could act on gun reform and gave a sharp answer.

The gun the wacko used to kill all those people was illegal to possess in California. It’s also illegal to have a 30 round magazine in the People’s Republik Of California. It’s very strange that people committing the felony crime of murder refuse to follow all the laws on firearms. California gets an A from the Giffords gun grabbing group, and was at the top of Everytown’s gun grabbing list. Yet, “gun violence” and mass shootings seem to keep happening in the PRC.

The gun grabbers will say “but, if we do this nationwide, they won’t be able to go to other states to get these”, forgetting that they also want open borders, and it’s rather easy to smuggle stuff into the U.S. So law abiding citizens looking to protect themselves will have a tough time, while criminals will have lots of guns.

(CBS News) In the wake of two mass shootings in California, President Joe Biden on Tuesday again called on Congress to pass an assault weapons ban, just a few months after he signed into law bipartisan gun control legislation that fell short of banning the deadly weapons.

He doesn’t have the votes. But, tell you what: if federal agencies, starting with the US Secret Service, get rid of all their own assault rifles, which are often automatic, and extended magazines, then I’ll consider it.

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One Response to “Kamala Turns Monterey Park Memorial Into Gun Grabbing Rally”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    But we must also require that leaders of nations who have the ability and the power and the responsibility to do something, that they act,

    That there is part of her problem. America doesn’t have or need “leaders”. We have elected representatives and other officials who are empowered to serve a term doing what the people require. Of course, now that Democrats no longer need voters, it is natural for her to let slip the language that democratic party leaders can really do anything they like and the people have no say in it.

    When it comes to guns, abortions, and DC Statehood, the Democrats don’t care how many people they kill. They want those issues kept alive, not resolved. Nothing raises campaign money like angry party members.

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