Your Fault: Climate Apocalypse Could Maybe Possibly Cause Trade Wats

The NY Times is Very Concerned that this could happen, despite pretty much every climate cult prognostication failing

Climate Change May Usher in a New Era of Trade Wars

Efforts to mitigate climate change are prompting countries across the world to embrace dramatically different policies toward industry and trade, bringing governments into conflict.

These new clashes over climate policy are straining international alliances and the global trading system, hinting at a future in which policies aimed at staving off environmental catastrophe could also result in more frequent cross-border trade wars.

In recent months, the United States and Europe have proposed or introduced subsidiestariffs and other policies aimed at speeding the green energy transition. Proponents of the measures say governments must move aggressively to expand sources of cleaner energy and penalize the biggest emitters of planet-warming gases if they hope to avert a global climate disaster.

But critics say these policies often put foreign countries and companies at a disadvantage, as governments subsidize their own industries or charge new tariffs on foreign products. The policies depart from a decades-long status quo in trade, in which the United States and Europe often joined forces through the World Trade Organization to try to knock down trade barriers and encourage countries to treat one another’s products more equally to boost global commerce.

Now, new policies are pitting close allies against one another and widening fractures in an already fragile system of global trade governance, as countries try to contend with the existential challenge of climate change.

In fairness, this could happen to a minor degree, because all these climate cult crooks politicians are pushing all these silly cult policies to attempt to fix a pretty much non-existent problem. But, see, a trade war isn’t really what this is all about

“The climate crisis requires economic transformation at a scale and speed humanity has never attempted in our 5,000 years of written history,” said Todd N. Tucker, the director of industrial policy and trade at the Roosevelt Institute, who is an advocate for some of the measures. “Unsurprisingly, a task of this magnitude will require a new policy tool kit.”

The current system of global trade funnels tens of millions of shipping containers stuffed with couches, clothing and car parts from foreign factories to the United States each year, often at astonishingly low prices. But the prices that consumers pay for these goods do not take into account the environmental harm generated by the far-off factories that make them, or by the container ships and cargo planes that carry them across the ocean.

American and European officials argue that more needs to be done to discourage trade in products made with more pollution or carbon emissions. And U.S. officials believe they must lessen a dangerous dependence on China in particular for the materials needed to power the green energy transition, like solar panels and electric vehicle batteries.

The Elites are very unhappy that you peasants can get all sorts of goods at inexpensive prices

(Fox News) Business executives, celebrities, billionaires and government officials traveled to the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit last week largely using private jets, according to a Fox News Digital analysis of flight data.

During the conference, which began on Jan. 16 and concluded Friday, at least 150 private jets flew into three of the closest airstrips near WEF’s headquarters in Davos, Switzerland, according to data obtained from flight tracking software Flightradar24. The data suggests that conference attendees spewed hundreds of thousands of pounds and thousands of metric tons of carbon as a result of their private jet usage.

You have to pay the price for their Bad Behavior.

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4 Responses to “Your Fault: Climate Apocalypse Could Maybe Possibly Cause Trade Wats”

  1. alanstorm says:

    Now, new policies are pitting close allies against one another and widening fractures in an already fragile system of global trade governance…

    Policies are now “Climate Change”? Don’t think so.

    This is just like the liars who blame COVID for disruptions caused by various governments’ hysterical over-reactions to COVID.

    Not even close to the same thing.

  2. Dave Toohey says:

    Wats wat?

  3. ST says:

    BOOM! Kevin McCarthy Just UNLEASHED On a Reporter Asking About Adam Schiff Being Off The Intel Committee (Video)

  4. alanstorm says:

    Trade Wats?

    Not sure what those are, but they sound scary…

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