Still Your Fault: Disturbing Links Between Climate Crisis (scam) And Slavery

Is this about all those poor folks in 3rd world nations, along with populations in China, being forced to work to dig out metals for EVs, solar panels, and wind turbines?

The disturbing links between climate change and modern-day slavery

On Sept. 12, a disturbing new report by the International Labour Organization (ILO), Walk Free and International Organization for Migration (IOM) revealed that the number of people in modern slavery has risen by approximately 10 million since 2016. Fifty million women, children and men are exploited through forms of slavery like forced labor and sex trafficking on any given day.

And, because this is a cult, they have to link it to climate apocalypse

The report pointed to climate change as a significant contributing factor to the world’s growing slavery epidemic.

In 1990, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted that the greatest impact of climate change could be on human migration, with millions displaced by erosion, flooding and food system disruptions. Now, forecasts from the World Bank warn of more than 200 million environmental migrants by 2050.

International Justice Mission (IJM), a global organization that protects people in poverty from violence, observed this connection in South Asia where we combat forced labor slavery. The IJM casework data indicated that 78 percent of rescued forced laborers had come from regions where impacts from climate change had placed their fundamental livelihoods at risk.

Thin. Very thin. They actually care more about their so-called ‘climate change’ links than about the slavery

Additionally, IJM finds that in places where people profit from enslaving and exploiting human beings with next-to-no risk of legal sanction, the same offenders often also profit from exploiting and destroying the natural environment without risk of punitive action. Slavery and environmental destruction flourish where criminal impunity prevails and legal protection for both people and the environment is lacking.

So, they’re saying this is occurring in 3rd World Shitholes? Huh. What’s mentioned are mostly environmental, real environmental, issues.

This The Hill opinion piece fails to mention that 22 million are trapped in forced marriages, but, I’m sure they Blame that on you driving a fossil fueled vehicle, as well. China? It’s mentioned only once. Guess they do not want to tick the Communist nation off.

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