Guess Who’s Trying To Cause Problems With The Railroad Tentative Agreement?

This morning, in the post on Biden wanting Congress to vote to approve the Tentative Agreement, I ended with

[Biden] also wants, again, zero changes. No adding this or that or the other from Democrats or Republicans. Who’s your bet on the first to attempt to attach ryders to the bill? I’m going with Squad members.

This didn’t take long

And not just AOC

3 of the 4 originals. Nothing From Ayanna Pressley. Nothing from Cori Bush, who was added. But

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8 Responses to “Guess Who’s Trying To Cause Problems With The Railroad Tentative Agreement?”

  1. H says:

    OMG !!!!
    Commie AOC thinks that railroad workers deserve paid sick days??
    How are the elites that own the railroads going to be able to buy yachts and private jets if they are forced by communists to pay the workers for sick days???
    How will Capital and capitalism grow if workers demand more compensation? Tax breaks like the 2 trillion give to the elites by Trump will only partially offset the loss of having to pay workers more.
    The elites that own the railroads and who have been making record profits must be protected, do that they can trickle down onto the workers.
    Workers should not be allowed to not work!! Don’t the elites have the right to force workers to work???

    • A Landmesser says:

      After the Marxists giving 8 trillion to the parasite class dominated by the same Martha Vineyards/Hollywierd elites we see the illiterates giving away other people’s money with gay abandon, Just as they have spent 25 trillion on the war on poverty.

      Tell us skippy, who are the elites that own Union Pacific. I must be dumb but I am not as fortunate as you to know the owners of Norfolk Southern, who exactly is he?

      What an a hole.

      Just as the government should not interfere in wages we see them dictating to the owners what they must pay. That’s called FASCISM buttercup. Just as Brandon doesn’t care what happens to the millions of people in the energy sector we now see the usual gender studies majors telling us how railroads should be run.

      What a putz.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Simple. Give the workers sick leave. It’s a decent, long-term solution.

    Dems: Either you stand with workers or you don’t. The reason a strike would be devastating is that the work is important. The industry is important – so important that it precludes normal labor relations laws.

    Railroad profits were $20 billion last year.

    The workers originally asked for 15 days paid sick leave. I was negotiated down to 4. Speaker Pelosi is suggesting two bills… one, to stop the strike… two, to give 7 days paid sick leave.

    Labor law works differently for railroad workers than for everyone else. And one thing that is different is that Congress can mandate a solution if labor and management can’t come to one themselves. There are a lot of people – a lot of industries, the Chamber of Commerce on down – asking Congress to please just mandate that the unions accept a contract based on the presidential emergency board’s recommendations.

    It seems the workers have the nation by the short hairs.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    Oh my! The unions really, really care about America and Americans.
    Just like everyone else who voted for Joey.

    “Joe Biden blew it.”

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  4. JPTravis says:

    As usual with the specific politicians quoted, their comments are shallow and uninformed. Knee-jerk reactions in support of the unions without any thought given to the issues at all. Unless you know the number of paid leave days the railroad workers are already getting, you don’t understand the issue. It doesn’t matter that none of those days are officially labeled “sick days,” the point is that they get far more paid days off than almost any other workers in America. So I have been led to understand. I am ready to be corrected if that is wrong. Example: if you are scheduled less than 200 days a year for full-time work, and you get more than 30 of those off in various forms of paid leave, you aren’t really at work very much, are you?

  5. Rob says:

    To get those 30 days paid time off you need have 25 years of service. For those less than 18 years they get 21 days. The issue is the lack of ability to use those days when needed. Due to self-inflicted manning issues, the railroads frequently deny requests to use the paid time off. By law, sick time cannot be denied. Additionally, with the schedule worked, it is nearly impossible to plan for medical appointments. Often, railroaders come to work when they should stay home because they cant get the time off without penalty. Most don’t know what they are working three days from now, much less in two weeks. There is not a set schedule or set days off like for the vast majority of workers in other fields. Lastly, not sure where you come with less than 200 days a year. For a typical railroader, just for an example, the call comes in on a Tue afternoon, get to the hotel Wed early morning, get 13-14 hours “off” away from home, back to work Wed late, back home on Thu. Then the cycle begins again late Fri. Generally, unless there is a quirk in the schedule, nearly every day of week is dedicated to work. It is rare a railworker gets a whole day off.

    • Rick says:

      You’re trying to tell me that railroad workers are most often apparently, required to travel for work? For crew, I am not totally surprised. Foer yard workers, I doubt it.

      More shallow generalizations. Not helpful in the least.

    • CarolAnn says:

      Maybe they should try a different field of employment. I hated my schedule as an LPN at Cooper Medical Center in NJ and every other hospital I applied to (in my area) had about the same. So I left nursing and went into home health care. Less money but more freedom. Good thing I do too since I had a baby with a learning disorder and needed a lot of home time.

      I am married to my husband not my career. My family always comes first. But then again I’m a Christian so I believe in all that crazy stuff.

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