Also Your Fault: Zombie Virus Revived Due To ‘Climate Change’

I’m just so sick of your denier attitude. Just give up your money and freedom already so we can stop this. Sheesh

Scientists Revive 48,500-Year-Old ‘Zombie Virus’ Buried in Ice

The thawing of ancient permafrost due to climate change may pose a new threat to humans, according to researchers who revived nearly two dozen viruses – including one frozen under a lake more than 48,500 years ago.

European researchers examined ancient samples collected from permafrost in the Siberia region of Russia. They revived and characterized 13 new pathogens, what they termed “zombie viruses,” and found that they remained infectious despite spending many millennia trapped in the frozen ground.

Scientists have long warned that the thawing of permafrost due to atmospheric warming will worsen climate change by freeing previously trapped greenhouse gases like methane. But its effect on dormant pathogens is less well understood.

The team of researchers from Russia, Germany and France said the biological risk of reanimating the viruses they studied was “totally negligible” due to the strains they targeted, mainly those capable of infecting amoeba microbes. The potential revival of a virus that could infect animals or humans is much more problematic, they said, warning that their work can be extrapolated to show the danger is real.

So, essentially, they were digging in the permafrost and down into the frozen lake, and, because of that, scientists are freaking over the possibility of maybe possibly viruses being uncovered by melting….say, how’d they get down there in the first place, under all that ice and such? It couldn’t have possibly been due to Earth having been warmer in the past, right? It’s always some sort of doomsaying with these people, and no one in the media ever points out things like “why are they under the ice?”

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2 Responses to “Also Your Fault: Zombie Virus Revived Due To ‘Climate Change’”

  1. joe says:

    they have to find the right virus to kill off 3/4 of the population but still allow them to live…what better way then to dig something up out of the ice…then it will be near impossible for anyone to blame a gov…

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