Bummer: Wild Turkeys Could Be In Danger From Climate Apocalypse

The members of the climate cult really just can’t help doing this stuff

Can wild turkeys survive climate change?

How long does it take to cook a wild turkey? It depends who you ask.

A chef will suggest popping that bird in the oven for about two hours. Scientists, on the other hand, say it could be decades before North American turkeys are climatologically cooked.

“We know climate change will impact all of our game bird species,” Tim Lyons, an upland game researcher with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, told me for this story.

“What we don’t know is what these habitats are going to look like in 40 to 60 years,” he said. “We should probably be thinking about that now instead of waiting until something happens.”

The same people cannot accurately give us a 10 day forecast but will be able to predict Doom in 40-60 years. Their climate models do not really even work while looking at the past.

Is climate change coming for Thanksgiving turkeys?

Across the nation this year, an almost record-breaking 49 million wild and domestic birds either died as a result of the virus or were killed to limit spread, including more than 8 million turkeys, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.

There’s evidence that climate change could increase avian flu’s transmission in the future. So as the planet continues to warm, outbreaks of this severity might become more common.


How to talk about politics with family this Thanksgiving

My post on this would be one word after the headline: don’t. Maybe 6 more: change the subject if brought up. And “don’t try and start fights.”

Your Thanksgiving dinner is a climate killer

Here’s some food for thought: Americans will waste more than 305 million pounds of food this Thanksgiving, or nearly one pound per person nationwide.

That’s according to the nonprofit ReFED, which estimates the production of this year’s never-eaten turkey legs, gravy-smothered potatoes and stuffing scraps will add over a million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere — a heavy toll for a single holiday.

Food waste remains one of the major drivers of climate change worldwide, representing around 8% of annual global emissions, according to the United Nations. “If we rank greenhouse gas emissions by country, food loss and waste would be the third largest country, behind the U.S. and before India and Russia,” said Jackie Suggitt, director of capital, innovation and engagement at ReFED, an organization that combats food waste. “It definitely is a massive piece of the puzzle.”

Food waste is a problem, but, it’s environmental, not ‘climate change’. The cultists have to drag everything under their banner. And there are many, many, many more Credentialed Media articles. Because they’re nuts.

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  1. Joe says:

    If they are declining in Minnesota they are all relocating to herein Northern California. The damn things are everywhere.

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