U.S. Is On The Hook To Pay For Its “Carbon Pollution” Or Something

Yeah, that only works if the relevant documents are submitted to the United States Senate and ratified, and the Carolina Panthers have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl this year then of getting two-thirds votes for it

COP27 wins and losses: U.S. on the hook to pay for its pollution; natural gas gets nod as transition fuel

For the first time ever, rich nations, including a top-polluting U.S., will pay for the climate-change damage inflicted upon poorer nations.

These smaller economies are often the source of the fossil fuels, minerals and other raw materials behind the developed world’s modern conveniences and technologicial advancement, including many practices responsible for the Earth-warming emisisons. And yet the developing world shoulders the worst of the droughts, deadly heat, ruined crops and eroding coastlines that take lives and eat into economic growth.

The deal, called “loss and damage” in summit shorthand, was struck as the U.N.’s Conference of Parties, or COP27, gaveled to a close near dawn Sunday in Egypt. Official talks ended Friday, but negotiations extended into the weekend.

Should have charged the 40,000+ in attendance a huge fee for loss and damage, what with all their fossil fuels usage

It was a big win for poorer nations which have long sought money — sometimes viewed as reparations — because they are often the victims of climate-worsened floodsfamines and storms despite contributing little directly to the pollution that heats up the globe. It took last-minute, pre-summit negotiations to even get the topic on the official agenda.

Again, it’s 1st world money transferred to 3rd world nations with zero strings, so those 3rd world nations can continue building coal fired power plants, airports, and enriching the lives of the elites. How much will all those who flew in on private jets paying?

According to many conference participants, the U.S. was a late-stage roadblock to establishing this official payout language, though it signed off in the end. U.S. participation was also impacted once chief climate negotiator John Kerry tested positive for COVID-19, although he continued to work from his hotel.

What are China and India paying?

According to the agreement, the fund would initially draw on contributions from developed countries and other private and public sources such as international financial institutions, including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

And where is the authorization from the duly elected Legislative Branch to give this money away?

While major emerging economies such as China wouldn’t automatically have to contribute, that option remains on the table. This is a key demand by the European Union and the U.S., who argue that China and other large polluters currently classified as “developing” countries have the financial clout and responsibility to pay their way.

Oh, there’s China. Pretty much not going to have to give anything, all while they build coal power plants, both in China and in African nations.

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18 Responses to “U.S. Is On The Hook To Pay For Its “Carbon Pollution” Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    Given how easily, and stupidly, the Congress has been throwing money at Ukraine, there is no reason to believe that the Senate would have to ratify anything to get the dummkopf from Delaware to waste Americans’ taxpayer dollars sending them to the turd world [insert slang term for feces here]holes to pay for global warming climate change.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      The loon from Lexington prefers that the world look the other way so Russia can conquer Ukraine.

      But there are new sheriffs in the House. Let the House barbarians stop all assistance to Ukraine so Russian troops can stomp those people into the mud.

      • Dana says:

        I know, I know: for the new neocon left — quite a concept, huh? — we must apply World War II thinking, because we can’t let Der Führer Vladimir Vladimirovich take over Poland Ukraine, but, unlike 1939, one of the sides in the Russo-Ukraine War has the capability to launch tactical or even strategic nuclear weapons. And, of course, not wanting to increase the chances of a nuclear war is, to the new neocons left, the same thing as supporting Rooosha!

        How many American troops are you willing to sacrifice to save Ukraine? Which American, or even European cities are you willing to see incinerated if NATO help for Ukraine gets out of control? Since you seem willing to increase the chances of a nuclear war, surely you must have some idea what costs you are willing for us to bear.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          According to Dana, the civilized world must acquiesce to whatever Putin or Xi wants.

          US troops are not fighting in Ukraine. The fear of Putin cannot stop the West from preventing Russia (not Rooosha) from acting in the best interests of the world.

          If Putin would use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, when would he not?

          It’s a moot point. Unlike Reagan, President Biden will not illegally fund a foreign war and the nuGOP House controls the purse strings.

          We’ll see how the American voters respond to the public execution of President Zelensky by Putin.

          The American right cheered the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention dozens of other unnecessary incursions in foreign lands, but tRumpetism trumps all reason, and since fascist tRump is beholden to the fascist Putin, so are the tRumpitista.

  2. James Lewis says:

    Follow the money. It has always been about money.

  3. Hairy says:

    Dana seems a bit sadz that Ukraine has given Trump’s man crush Putin such a thrashing after being invaded.
    Total US fed spending
    50,000,000,000. Spent in Ukraine
    That is 0.008%
    Russia is allies with Iran and the Gulf Arabs. I say fuck the whole lot of them and their 5 buck a gallon gas

  4. Down on the Corner says:

    Russia is allies with Iran and the Gulf Arabs. I say fuck the whole lot of them and their 5 buck a gallon gas


    Whats your solution for the next 3-5 years?

    No gasoline or Diesel is going to be pretty hard to justify when people are starving, out of work and freezing or burning up.

    Windmills and Solar panels are not going to get people to work or more importantly get food to the supermarkets.

    AGW is a Danger to the world but not in the way the AGW NAZI’s predict. They are bent on the destruction of Capitalism and hell even Socialism to move towards their BENEFACTOR CHINA’S wet dream of owning and running the world with an IRON FIST.

    Time for the NEXT PANDEMIC. Right China????

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      H, why are you so invested in Ukraine and their Nazi brigades? Is it that Hunter and The Big Guy were getting illegal pay-offs from Them? Or is it the FTX money laundering scheme with the DNC that attracts you? We realize there are only two things that attract corrupt democommies like you so how much do they pay you to troll? We can understand how you love Red Chinese corruption like Swalwell and Feinstein. You’re a commie too.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Lucifer God,

        Why do you love Putin so? Because your fascist hero tRump does? Is it because PeDon’s first impeachment resulted from his attempted bribery of Ukraine (caught on tape!!)?

        Ukraine is a western-style democratic republic that was invaded by Russia, unprovoked. Why do you want Russia to annex them? Why NOT help them defend themselves? Chicken?

        It’s bullshit that Ukrainians are Nazis. It’s bullshit that President Biden was getting illegal payoffs from Ukraine. It’s bullshit that the bankrupted FTX was a money laundering scheme for the DNC. But you’re filled with bullshit.

        Put up or shut up you lying fascist bastard. Or are you too chicken? Buk-buk-buk!

        Where’s your proof?

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          Pedo lover,

          Where’s my proof? In the fuckin news you blind, stupid fool. READ something other than Daily Kos or Mother Jones and watch something other than The View you ignorant commie.

          The Ukraine is NOt a republic since Zelensky jailed his opponents, banned opposition parties and “disappeared” human rights activists, leftist organizers, journalists and government officials he disagreed with. He is like you and your commie pals no wonder you like him.

          Ukraine also notoriously was threatened by pedo to fire a prosecutor ON TV that we all saw who was prosecuting Hunter for fraud, theft and corruption. SO again YOU LIE!

          When pedo joe isn’t assaulting little girls like he did his own daughter he’s suking Zelensky’s dick just like you. Nazi lovers. Liars. Pigs. Pedos.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            We never read Kos, and very rarely anything in Mother Jones, and absolutely never watch The View, you ignorant fascist.

            Just you are pathologically dishonest, and you worship a charlatan who is also pathologically dishonest doesn’t mean everyone does. This is the tragic flaw in right-wing thought, believing that everyone else is as morally crippled and corrupt as you and PeDon.

            President Zelensky did none of what you typed. You are relying on right-wing disinformation about the crooked prosecutor. SO again YOU LIE!!

            When PeDon isn’t assaulting little girls he’s sucking Putin’s dick just like you. Fascist lovers. Liars. Pigs. Pedos.

          • drownigpuppies says:

            Rimjob: It’s bullshit that Ukrainians are Nazis. It’s bullshit that President Biden was getting illegal payoffs from Ukraine.

            Yeah bullshit

        • Dana says:

          The new neocon from Missouri wrote:

          Ukraine is a western-style democratic republic that was invaded by Russia, unprovoked. Why do you want Russia to annex them? Why NOT help them defend themselves? Chicken?

          When we are waging a proxy war with a nation with a strategic nuclear arsenal, you’re damned right I’m chicken! Being afraid of nuclear weapons is something that any sane man should be.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            The con from Kentucky gives China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia and soon, Iran carte blanche to annex, invade, conquer and destroy neighboring (and other) nations.

            Dana likely believes tRump was right to want to dismantle NATO.

  5. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    I triggered dowd, I triggered dowd!

    Look at the sniveling commie, Christian bigot and fag lover, spittle shooting from his mouth as he lies about Kos, Mother Jones and his other commie colleagues. Funny, LOL. Then the ignorant fool calls me a fascist not realizing fascists are a collaboration of business and government just like he and his commie/fascist friends have been doing for decades to harm the American people.

    Are you crying dowd? You triggered, sniffling fool. You are a disgrace to humanity you heathen commie. Baby killing, groomer loving defender of a senile lying, plagiarizing pedo who raped his own daughter in the shower. Now the pedo is making deals with FTX and the self hating commie jew who ran it…into the ground while collecting money for the DNC and it’s perverted anti American programs. Now they want to give fags free money in Cali just for being fags.

    Here is dowds source for his lies, hate and stupidity:


    LOL. LOL The pigs of the left want to turn every even into a gay rally and every country into a queer bath house. I think dowd is himself a fag. That would explain a lot. LOL.

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