Your Addiction To Parking Lots Is Bad For ‘Climate Change’

How dare you!

Americans’ Addiction to Parking Lots Is Bad for the Climate. California Wants to End It

st greta car“Parking minimums” may not sound exciting. But if you live in the U.S., they have likely shaped your city. For the better part of a century, in a bid to make driving easier, almost every town in the country has forced developers to build a minimum number of parking spaces at almost every kind of building, from apartment blocks to abattoirs. Planning experts say those requirements have gobbled up precious urban land—as much as 5.5% of it nationwide by some estimates—incentivized car ownership, and limited enthusiasm for public transit. The policy is a key finger of the vice-like grip that private vehicles hold over U.S. cities.

But that grip is finally loosening. From January 2023, cities in California will no longer be able to impose parking minimums for housing, retail, or commercial developments that sit within half a mile of major public transit stops, per a state law signed last week by Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. The move will encourage developers to build more affordable homes for people who don’t want a parking space, and generate “more walkable neighborhoods and public transit,” Newsom said. “It’s a win, win.”

Do you think land developers want higher priced homes and shopping centers with enough parking, or low income housing which will turn into a slum and be dangerous? Do you think most people want want to buy/rent domiciles and businesses that do not have enough parking?

The shift is heartening for climate advocates who believe redesigning cities and how people move around them must be a critical part of the country’s efforts to reduce its outsize greenhouse gas emissions from cars. It comes after a summer of announcements prioritizing the U.S. pivot to electric vehicles (EV)—including EV incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act and California’s own plans to massively expand its charging network. “I very much agree with the messaging that’s happening on EVs, but there needs to be more of a conversation about reducing car trips too,” says Laura Jay, North America director at C40, a group of climate innovator cities. “I really hope other states follow California’s path, because it could be game-changing.”

Piss off. Mind you’re own f’ing business. Do you own these properties? Have a financial stake in them? No? Then it isn’t your business. Stop trying to get government to force your cult beliefs on Other People. Where will people park these EVs? Oh, right, the climate cult is pivoting to Other People not having their own private transportation.

BTW, the parking lots are not ‘climate change’, they are land use. So, a localized effect. And, yes, they can artificially increase the local temperature. Maybe there are some alternative ways? For one, do not use asphalt.

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23 Responses to “Your Addiction To Parking Lots Is Bad For ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Just another finger in the strategy of “do as we say or we’ll break your fingers”. Let’s make modern American life in a thriving first world country suck so we can change it to a second and third world country.

  2. H says:

    Cover them with solar panels that will also make them easier to maintain

  3. H says:

    Yesterday was the first flight of the all electric 9 passenger Alice plane.
    Designed as a commuter plane it has a 250 mile range (75% of all USA commercial flights are less)
    135 have been preordered
    How long ago were posters here saying “electric planes? Won’t happen”
    To avoid having anyone embarrass themselves, the recharge time is 30 mins.

    • Jl says:

      Johnny-why in the world do we need electric airplanes? You never answer simple questions like this. We have 9 passenger planes powered by fossil fuels that can fly several thousands of miles-why does your cult want to go backwards in technology?

    • James Lewis says:

      Dear H:

      Is Alice commercially feasible?

      Can it generate enough revenue to keep the airline in business and pay enough in taxes to support the unique infrastructure required by aviation?

  4. Facts Matter says:

    You can already see the AGW turning its attention to getting rid of things that make driving comfortable. Parking lots, highways, roads, and bridges all because they contain cement which is bad for the environment.

    Jun 30, 2022 · The cement industry is a major producer of carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas.

    Roads can also be a conduit for pollutants into the environment. The debris from tires on the road can decrease the time to metamorphosis of wood frogs.20 Deicing salts that run off from roads into adjacent ponds can decrease survivorship of wood frogs and spotted salamanders

    Anyone who thinks AGW NAZIS are their friend is Krazy.

  5. Hairy says:

    Why electric ? Because they are much cheaper to operate. Electric motors much cheaper to build. This is why we have in the past used electricity to power do many things. We do not use ICE gas online motors in our toothbrushes.
    Operating costs for the electric planes are estimated to be as low as 1/3 the cost of either internal combustion engines or jet engines.
    Yes we do have fossil fueled planes that can fly 13000 mile’s without refueling (NY to NZ ) however we actually use different types of planes on other routes. 75% of all flights in the USA,are 250 mile’s or less, are you suggesting we should use the same type of plane on all routes? That seems silly to me. Could you explain why?

    • James Lewis says:

      Dear Hairy:

      It’s not that simple. The energy required to drive a motor is non linear as well as the type of motor varies based on the task. i.e. A simple electric toothbrush vs a auto engine cannot be compared.

    • James Lewis says:

      Dear Hairy:

      “With battery technology similar to that of an electric car or a cell phone and 30 minutes of charging, the nine-passenger Alice will be able to fly for one hour to two hours. Based on today’s battery technology, Eviation is targeting a range of 250 nautical miles.”

      Delays in landing for weather, or any airport shutdown for any reason, must be carefully planned.

      It’s always amazing to watch supposed journalists flack the company line with no mention of obvious problems.

    • Jl says:

      That’s not how it works, John. You people are the ones claiming we need to change modes of transportation, so it’s up to you to come up with evidence why.
      “That’s why in the past we have used electricity to power many things.” And if they’re not electrically powered now it obviously means we’ve moved on to a better and cheaper technology, or we’d still be using them, correct?
      “Are you suggesting we use the same planes on the same routes?” See what you just did there, again? It’s you who is doing the “suggesting” to use different type planes, not me.
      “Operating costs are estimated to be 1/3 the cost of ff powered engines”. When they get to what the actual operating cost is, call me and we’ll talk. These planes, if they even work in actual conditions, still estimates the earliest start date at around 2027. But how do you think the planes and more importantly the batteries, are built? They’re built using fossil fuels. So again-why use antiquated technology?

  6. H says:

    Problems with weather don’t affect fossil fueled planes?
    Have you any idea on how many alternative airports there are? And of course when planning a flight plan you ALWAYS note alternative airports. Again you seem to have noted what the advantages will be for the 2 airlines that have pre ordered 125 planes. Can you see them now?

  7. UnkleC says:

    Some how(?) this thread got off the AGW nazi’s attack on parking lots and on to electric passenger planes. I’m sure they will continue to evolve to a point where they may be practical. I fly electric models now and they are evolving rather nicely, however 1:1 scale is going to have similar EV issues as we are still observing in cars and trucks [ fires, range issues, battery charging issues, and so on], probably on an exponential level. A car is simple, a plane isn’t.
    On to parking lots. Developers want businesses in their developments, businesses want customers and employees for their businesses, and the customers/employees want/need parking for their vehicles. Limit the number of parking spaces and you limit the number of customers that are willing to use your business and pay for what you are providing. The globull warming crowd should look at the realities of an economy. I know they aren’t capable of that and continue with their crackpot schemes and demands. The obvious destruction of Western Civilization must be their ultimate goal.

  8. James Lewis says:

    Dear H:

    “…. how many alternative airports there are?….”

    Of course weather affects everything.

    The point is that the aircrafts affected must have the capability to divert to a field that could handle them. Alice is extremely limited in time. With a 250 mile range, A Memphis to Nashville route would be a stretch. Where would the plane divert to that has the necessary radar and other equipment for bad weather?

    That fight plan would require a fuel reserve that would get you to that airport that can also have bad weather, just not as bad as Nashville..

    So let’s see… I get to Nashville and it’s closed… the next alternative would be???? Hunstville, about 100 miles to the south… and out of range.. Knoxville is about 200 miles so it is out…

    See H, at a 250 mile range there is no use for Alice …. maybe some limited freight hauls..

    Basically, with current technology it just a pipe dream fueled by your hatred of current society.

  9. Hairy says:

    As I said before 75% of all commercial flights in the USA are less than 250 miles.
    Of course all flight plans must have a fuel reserve
    But Jimmi I don’t think you have any idea how many airports there are around your primary airport.
    There are 77 public use airports in TN

    As per wiki the range for Alice is 440nm range. This would certainly provide enough reserve to reach an airport in case the weather changed so drastically during the 1hour flight that that an alt airport was required.
    Psychologists would call that “projection” my hatred of current society ????

  10. Jl says:

    Johnny-with a great area of west central Florida without power, how would your EV airplanes and cars re-charge? They wouldn’t be able to. An inferior technology

  11. H says:

    Without electric power how would fossil fueled vehicles be able to use gas pumps?
    Of course if the EV owners had there own solar panels they would have done limited use their cars.
    A lot cheaper than having an oil rig and a refinery in your back yard
    You seem to be clutching at straws

  12. H says:

    Typically when discussing the range of an aircraft that does NOT include the reserve
    In the case of Alice the range is 250 miles not including the reserve of 30/45 mins. A total of 440 miles will give plenty of time to reach 1of TN other 76 public use airports. Jimmi
    You must try to remove your own personal feelings from critical analysis to avoid future public embarrassment

  13. H says:

    There have been over 600 million dollars in pre orders for this aircraft. EV technology is advancing rapidly. The longest lasting Tesla battery in a German taxi now has 750000 miles on it. They expect/hope it will last 1 million miles as Musk said. 1 million miles is the equivalent of 80 years use @12000 miles per year. Try to stay “current” and not anchored in the past

  14. CarolAnn says:

    Then an enemy needs only EMP bombs? Cars stop, trains, trucks, busses and all the planes drop from the sky. Very helpful. And they can’t even be recharged. Man all those White supremacists will have a field day.

    • Professor Hale says:

      If an enemy is using EMP bombs on you, your day is already much worse than merely not being able to use your EV.

  15. UnkleC says:

    Following the ‘Electric Airplane’ section of this thread, I did a little quick research. Yes it exists. A flying PROTOTYPE, not a type approved aircraft. Probably operating under a provisional or experimental certificate. There will be a substantial time lag until the FAA certifies ‘Alice’ for commercial use. Not to mention the ‘fueling’ procedures, etc. as well.
    Airplanes aren’t simple, especially commercial. Alice isn’t going prime time soon.

  16. H says:

    Are you sure you want to join in UncleC?
    First deliveries of the 150 pre ordered planes is targeted for 2027. That is less than 5 years from now.
    Unsure of what “soon” means to you in regards to a major transformation of commercial flight.
    And I would certainly also expect a big jump in battery performance before then just as it jumped in vehicle range

  17. UnkleC says:

    While this violates my personal policy of arguing with idiots, I am responding. The Alice aircraft made it’s FIRST flight, 27Sep2022 from MWH and flew at 3500 ft for about 8 minutes. This was the first flight of a prototype. Aircraft development and certification are tedious processes. The FAA is quite strict and we aren’t talking about a large manufacturer with decades of experience and lots of resources. While I do not doubt that electric flight will evolve into something practical, it is going to take time and dollars. Early aircraft orders frequently have deliveries ‘pushed back’ for numerous reasons. Don’t pop the Champagne cork until a full air worthiness certificate is issued and the production craft is delivered. The Alice may well be one that makes it, but I’m not investing in Eviation Aircraft just yet. You can go and make your own investment decisions.
    Battery technology is evolving as well, but don’t think 2 or 3 year early announcements indicate that a technology is fully found, workable, and practical. The tech industry has had ‘vaporware’ since the beginning. Again, wait until the tech is delivered to celebrate.

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