Climate Lunatic Sets Himself On Fire At Tennis Match

Seriously, this is what you get when people are fed a constant diet of apocalyptic doom

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A protestor ran onto the court and set his arm on fire in the middle of the 2022 Laver Cup in London on Friday. The man wore a white shirt with the words “end UK private jets” written on it. He was quickly escorted off the court after the fire was put out by officials.

The protest temporarily halted the singles match between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Diego Schwartzman. He reportedly ran onto the court after Tsitsipas won the first set and set his arm on fire before security grabbed him. After officials determined the fire did not alter the court, the match resumed and Tsitsipas won the second set to clinch the victory.

Here’s what it looked like

End UK private jets is exactly what you think

While the act itself was unceremonious, the message finds plenty of relevance at a time when climate action and justice are as essential as ever. A study published in Science Direct has revealed how private jets, with fewer than 10 people on board, account for about 7,500 tons of carbon emissions every year, way more than commercial aviation.

The startling growth in private aviation in recent years has become an alarming addition to climate change and is a crucial topic of dialogue in climate activism. Therefore, it is not a matter of surprise that an intruder found it pertinent to display such a message at a tournament whose participants flew in by private jets.

Perhaps he should have waited to pull his stunt during the next climate cult Conference on the Parties, which will be held in the fancy vacation spot of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt during November, what with all the big wigs flying in on private jets.

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7 Responses to “Climate Lunatic Sets Himself On Fire At Tennis Match”

  1. CarolAnn says:

    Government tyrants are always looking for the next thing to ban so why not private jets? I guess for the same reason brown immigrants are thrown out of Martha’s Vineyard: the democrat donor millionaires have decreed it so. The selfish rich democrats who always belittle the working man and the “red state” labor they require to live, eat and burn fuel want private jets no matter how much they damage their god Gaia. Democrats just love stepping on the faces of the working man to prove their virtue toward the poor (most of whom they created with their policies).

    But really, private jets are a luxury that in the day of Zoom are unnecessary. If you can get a doctors appointment on Zoom you can do a business meeting. It’s that simple.

    I say ban the private jets. Put all those blue collar/red state deplorables out of work. Let the learn to code. Let them starve. We all will soon anyway with these economic illiterates running things.

    Maybe private boats should be banned too. And all non electric cars. After all what is a perfect world if not one run by the command of the few? I think they call it democracy.

  2. ST says:

    Saturday Morning Update – Tropical Storm Ian latest news and tracks

  3. H says:

    Both Carol Ann and Teach were never taught either critical thinking or simple math or they are both blinded by politics.
    If if if if 7500 tons of CO2 were emitted by private jets each year, is that even significant? Each year in the USA an average American is responsible for 4 tons (down 25%in last 10years
    Then all private jets produce only the same as 2000 Americans
    Care to explain how that figure of 75000tons is valid

    All regular airline international flights are carbon neutral , like the type Grey’s used since 2021????
    Probably most private also since carbon offsets cost 2/3%0of total cost

    • david7134 says:

      No, you are the one who lacks in critical thinking. It is easy, only solution acceptable to nuts like you is global tyrannical government control. Hence your hypothesis is a hoax. Next question.

    • Jl says:

      “All airline international flights are carbon neutral”. Johnny was never taught critical research skills or simple math- not all international flights are carbon neutral, John. Wherever did you get that idea? And guess what? Even if they were they’d have the same emissions as not being carbon neutral. Great plan….

  4. Jl says:

    Care to explain why carbon neutral is important? Of course you can’t.

  5. Jl says:

    Thinning the herd……

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