Bummer: Climate Cult Kids’ Lawsuit Thrown Out Of Court

We all know that this suit, like almost all the others, are really being done by the adults, using kids as human shields

Kids’ climate change lawsuit tossed by Virginia judge

st greta carA Virginia state judge has tossed a lawsuit filed on behalf of 13 young people who claim a state law that promotes fossil fuel development violates their constitutional rights, finding the government is immune to the kinds of arguments made by the kids.

Judge Clarence Jenkins Jr on Friday rejected the lawsuit, which was filed earlier this year by Our Children’s Trust (OCT), a nonprofit law firm that advocates on environmental issues.

The kids, ranging in age from 10 to 19, claimed a law that directs the state to maximize exploration and development of coal, oil and gas resources violates their constitutional right to life and liberty. The youth argued the policies result in increasing greenhouse gases, which hasten climate change and put their future and wellbeing at risk.

Jenkins said the state can’t face those claims in its own court system since state law shields the government from lawsuits alleging harms.

Too bad the judge couldn’t just say “this is very silly, it doesn’t violate your right to life and liberty.”

The plaintiffs said they will appeal. Nate Bellinger, an attorney at OCT representing the young people, said the judge’s decision could have serious consequences for any plaintiff challenging government policy.

The state policies are “doubling down, maximizing fossil fuels in the midst of this climate crisis,” he said.

The judge should have asked the kids if they’ve given up their own use of fossil fuels and made their lives carbon neutral

The suit is one of five pending cases filed by OCT for youth plaintiffs against state governments across the country, arguing policies promoting fossil fuel development violate their constitutional rights. A case filed in Montana is set to become the first to go to trial next summer.

So, basically astroturfed, finding a bunch of young dupes.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: Climate Cult Kids’ Lawsuit Thrown Out Of Court”

  1. Est 1950 says:

    More good news for the MAGA Republicans out of Arizona.

    The GOP is set to take the entire state red once again. From the house, senate, and most of the state-wide offices including state and local elections. Polling is swinging heavily in favor of the GOP all across the state including Maricopa county as Maga Conservative poll watchers with cameras descend on the state.

    Kari Lake went from a laughable MAGA Republican to one of the most solid politicians in Arizona with good practical solutions for Arizona. Her opponent refuses to debate, choosing instead to try to tie her to Trump as a Qanon supporter.

    She has gone from being down in the poll by as much as 8 points(and over 50 percent which is always a key metric in polling) to now being up by 5.5 points with 4.5 percent still undecided in likely voters in our internal polling of the state. Barring any weirdness or potential shenanigans by the left you can now safely put Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin in the GOP column in November as Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, once down, has surged ahead handily.

    Our latest roundup shows that McConnell has lost in New Hampshire where the establishment GOP RINO lost to the Maga supporting Conservative in the primary and will now face off against Hassan who is not liked by NH voters and is considered the most moderate DEM in the Senate. A loss here to the Democrats is not as horrible as a loss in other places.

    The Gop is set to pick up Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Potentially NH though we still have Hassan Slightly ahead at 48-45 with 5 percent undecided.

    The Senate is still looking to be 52-53 senators for the GOP with 52 the most likely outcome though 54 is possible.

    Our house projections are set comfortably now at 202-236 for the GOP. The GOP is slated to pick up two more governorships and a whole host of state and local elections across the country.

    We project Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin are falling solidly into the GOP corner for the 2024 election. 27 Electoral votes with the potential of eventually losing Georgia’s 16 electoral votes, though we think it likely that 2024 will still vote GOP most likely for the last time.

    That translates to a nine-vote pick up by the GOP along with the 4 more Electoral votes they picked up after the 2020 census giving the GOP an additional 13 Electoral votes to work with during national presidential elections.

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    All this means to democommies is they need to fight harder for more afroturf (black and brown areas that can be made states for racist reasons). DC and Puerto Rico top the list. Soon the left will be talking about splitting states up to form POC sub states until they have an insurmountable senatorial and electoral lead. Then they can work on property confiscation, IRA forfeitures and reparations.

    What a great time to be an American.


  3. Professor Hale says:

    Not related to the Climate, but I think judged don’t punish lawyers enough for bringing frivolous suits. Contempt and disbarment should be more widely used.

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