Bummer: World Leaders Being Told No Private Jets And SUVs For Queen’s State Funeral

Such a real shame when the people who tells us there’s a crisis have to act like it’s a crisis, if only for a day or two

Biden on a bus? Brits say president, other world leaders to be escorted to queen’s funeral in coaches

Ditch the armored limo. Leave the presidential chopper at home.

President Joe Biden and other dignitaries who plan to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral have been advised by the British government not to take private transportation to London next week and told they will be escorted to the service in buses.

Official planning documents obtained by Politico urge presidents, monarchs and other heads of state to take commercial aircraft to London and wait for their ride to Westminster Abbey, where the solemn ceremony will be held Sept. 19.

How many will actually not take their big private jets and limos? I guess we’ll see

Biden on a bus? That won’t happen, said former U.S. officials who have been involved in presidential planning and security.

“I can’t imagine any circumstances where the USSS (Secret Service) would agree to any of that,” said Anita McBride, who was assistant to President George W. Bush and chief of staff to first lady Laura Bush.

The Secret Service declined to comment on the president’s travel arrangements or security measures that will be put in place for his trip.

An unconfirmed report published in The Times of London said Biden would be given special dispensation and would be allowed to take the presidential limo to the funeral, while other world leaders would have to share the bus.

Yeah, I don’t see him doing this, either. Because he’s special. He wants to force you into an EV, bus, and/or train. Or scooter. Or walk. That’s not for him though. Nor probably for most of the world leaders who advocate to Do Something about ‘climate change’. They’re too special to do what they are making the plebes do.

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6 Responses to “Bummer: World Leaders Being Told No Private Jets And SUVs For Queen’s State Funeral”

  1. Hal P says:

    Maybe this will end up like the movie London Has fallen.

  2. Professor hale says:

    This seems very unlikely. Or maybe another job for the VP.

  3. Dana says:

    Considering that the President travels with a military officer carrying the “football,” the case carrying the codes to launch our nuclear weapons, it’s pretty difficult to imagine him traveling on one of London’s famed double-decker buses.

    Of course, they’ve made a special exception for the President of the United States, but that means there will be other national leaders who will expect the same treatment. Will they expect Her Majesty Quenn Margrethe II to ride the bus? How ’bout telling President Xi Jinping of China, should he decide to come, sorry, it’s back of the bus for you.

    • Professor Hale says:

      As wonderful as the Queen was, I find it odd that foreign leaders feel the need to go to her funeral at all. Of course Democrats go to funerals to turn them into campaign events. But why would Xi even consider going?

      If I were managing this, I would just invite “family only”. Maybe extend that to commonwealth chiefs of state.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        So Republicans don’t attend funerals?

        World leaders attend state funerals for a number of reasons. Good will. Sympathy. To avoid conflicts. To make nice with new leaders.

  4. Joe says:

    Biden on a bus? He’ll be licking the window if he isn’t forced into an aisle seat.

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