California Fast Food Workers Cheer As Governor Signs Bill That Will End Their Jobs

California elected Democrats are like the Hobbit trilogy. What should just be a fun, children’s adventure was turned into a massive, 3 part movie, adding in all sorts of things that were not necessary, changing parts of the actual plot, creating drama where it was not needed, inventing characters, and just trying to make it Epic, and, instead, making it rather not so good. They even screwed up Smaug, and Bilbo’s interaction with him. Dems took an idea of protecting fast food workers and made it very, very bad, because government just doesn’t know when to stop.

California signed off a landmark new law that could pave the way for a $22 minimum wage for fast-food workers. Here’s how the state’s fast food council will work.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed off a landmark new law that could pave the way for a $22 minimum hourly wage for fast-food workers in the state.

The bill allows the creation of a 10-member Fast Food Council at the state’s Department of Industrial Relations to set minimum standards for workers in the industry, ranging from wages and training to health and safety, and protection from discrimination and harassment. This would cover workers at chains including McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King, and Subway.

“For years, the fast food sector has been rife with abuse, low pay, few benefits, and minimal job security, with California workers subject to high rates of employment violations, including wage theft, sexual harassment and discrimination, as well as heightened health and safety risks,” the bill says.

Because it’s fast food. It’s a job. Meant for young folks to get some work experience and make a bit of spending money. And people who want a part time gig to pick up some easy extra dough. Job security? Please. Anything else could have been covered by a minimal piece of legislation, and, really, probably covered by existing legislation.

The Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act, which covers fast-food chains with at least 100 restaurants nationally, stipulates that the minimum wage set by the council for 2023 “shall not be greater than” $22 an hour. After that, it can be adjusted for inflation with increases of up to 3.5% each year.

To come into effect, at least 10,000 fast-food restaurant employees in the state would have to sign a petition approving the creation of the council.

The council would have to hold public meetings at least every six months and conduct a full review of the fast-food restaurant health, safety, and employment standards at least every three years and issue or amend standards as appropriate.

It would be made up of one representative from the Department of Industrial Relations, two representatives each of fast-food franchisors and franchisees, two representatives each of fast-food workers and of their advocates, and one representative from the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development.

Will they vote for it? Or will they see this is a fast-track to unemployment, with the companies who have to follow this, which are mostly single ownership franchises or owned by small, local groups, deciding to replace a large number of workers with automation and technology? We’ve already seen a lot of them replacing employees with self-order screens and apps. And, this legislation will increase costs on businesses that already run rather lean, so, cut employees and increase prices, great idea in an already expensive state in the middle of a recession.

Restaurant workers have been quitting their jobs at record rates during the pandemic, with many citing poor wages, a lack of benefits, rude customers, long hours, and a lack of protection from the coronavirus.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the implications for workers and the public when a disempowered workforce faces a crisis in a sector with a poor history of compliance with workplace health and safety regulations,” the bills says.

Interesting, since it was Government that decided that fast food joints could stay open while regular restaurants were closed. And, yes, they’re disempowered. They don’t own the businesses. They don’t run them. They’re employees. They don’t have skin in the game.

Some franchisees, restaurant trade associations, and right-wing politicians have opposed the bill, questioning why it excludes chains with fewer than 100 restaurants and saying it will drive up menu prices.

It’s going to cause lots of problems, and drive many small business owners out of business. It will empower the lawyers in filing lawsuits, though.

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7 Responses to “California Fast Food Workers Cheer As Governor Signs Bill That Will End Their Jobs”

  1. H says:

    Teach you sre always predicting DOOOM!!!! End of restaurant jobs.
    The average age of a McDonald’s employee is 24
    In Denmark a McDonald’s worker gets 20$+ per hour AND 6 weeks paid vacation.
    And a Big Mac costs the same.
    And has more polit workers

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Why is it you leftists can never stay on point? WE’RE NOT IN FUKIN DENMARK! It matters not what goes on there. Neither you nor I know the conditions in Denmark. But I know an employer, especially a franchisee who makes about 10% less than a sole proprietor can only pay so much and you don’t know his margin.

      You leftists have a very bad habit of counting other people’s money. Why are you leftists always trying to shaft the small businessman?

      MAGA, Patriots

    • Alan says:

      So H, why don’t you look up the overall tax rates in Denmark. Then consider the net after-tax take-home pay.

  2. Ann Ominous says:

    Expensive in Denmark.

  3. Jl says:

    Earth to John-we’re not in Denmark anymore….

  4. Jl says:

    “Teach-you’re always predicting doom…”
    Says a member of the cult that’s been predicting doom for over 30 years…

  5. Conservative Beaner says:

    Invest in Kiosk manufacturers now.

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