Angry Old Many Demands Oil Companies Explain Lack Of Gasoline

The response should be interesting, since it involves a combination of shutting down exploration by Biden and the Left, shutting down refineries by Democrats, sanctions on Russia (which Biden worked hard to bait into invading Ukraine) and China’s coronavirus creating instabilities

Biden demands oil companies explain lack of gasoline as prices rise

U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday demanded oil companies explain why they aren’t putting more gasoline on the market, sharply escalating his rhetoric against industry as he faces pressure over rising prices.

Biden wrote to executives from Marathon Petroleum Corp, Valero Energy Corp, and Exxon Mobil Corp and complained they had cut back on oil refining to pad their profits, according to a copy of the letter seen by Reuters.

“At a time of war, refinery profit margins well above normal being passed directly onto American families are not acceptable,” Biden wrote, adding the lack of refining was driving gas prices up faster than oil prices.

“The lack of refining capacity – and resulting unprecedented refinery profit margins – are blunting the impact of the historic actions my Administration has taken to address Vladimir Putin’s Price Hike and are driving up costs for consumers.”

The letter is also being sent to Phillips 66, Chevron Corp, BP and Shell, a White House official, who declined to be identified, told Reuters.

Wait, what was that part about refineries? Joe has an answer right there. The eco-extremists and climate nuts have worked hard to shut down refineries over the past 30+ years. There have been 2 refineries closed down in the past two years, as of April 22nd, 2022. A December 2021 article says 5 were closed down. Even Biden’s own EIA department notes this. Democrats won’t allow new ones to be built.

Biden has been intensifying attacks against oil companies in recent days as U.S. gas prices raced to record highs above $5 per gallon this past weekend and ahead of the summertime driving season.

Rising gas prices have helped drive unexpectedly persistent consumer price inflation and voter anger ahead of the Nov. 8 midterm elections where Biden’s Democratic Party is defending its control of Congress.

Does he think this will work? Blaming Putin didn’t work, nor any of his other Blamestorming.

Gas prices too high? It’s all part of Biden’s plan to eliminate fossil fuels

Gas prices have doubled since Biden took office. J.P. Morgan analysts predict $6 a gallon by August. And experts warn this crisis will continue even after Biden’s term ends because he’s dismantling fossil fuel production.

When Biden was running for president, he promised to shut down oil producers: “No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period.” He pledged to put the country on “an irreversible” path toward “doing away with” fossil fuels.

On Day One as president, Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline, sending a message of no new pipelines anywhere, period.

In the months that followed, he stopped all sales of leases to drill on federal lands or offshore, meaning zero new leases allowing oil to be brought out of the ground.

And in September, House Democrats introduced legislation to stop banks from lending money or investing capital for new or expanded fossil fuel production. That legislation hasn’t passed, but it sent a clear message. The oil industry is being shut down.

These were signals to the industry, investors, and the stock market, which helped drive up costs along with all the other reasons. At the root, the current gas spike is China’s fault for screwing around with coronaviruses and letting them get out, but, once it started, Biden ignored the issue and actually worked to make it worse.

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13 Responses to “Angry Old Many Demands Oil Companies Explain Lack Of Gasoline”

  1. It’s simple: if you won’t buy a Chevy Dolt for the good of Mother Gaia, we’ll just make it impossible for you to drive anything else, because we, your omnipotent overlords, know better for you. Don’t complain, just comply, because this Is For Your Own Good.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Dana, you would make an excellent democommie dictator. I especially love how you apply the term “overlords” to the elite dems running the show. That’s exactly how they see themselves.


      • Dana says:

        If elected democommie dictator, I hereby promise that I will not serve anything longer than a democommie dictator for life term.

  2. Dana says:

    Typo in the title!

  3. L.G.Brandon says:

    Now that the Russians are kicking the shit out of the Ukraine those little flags and lapel pins seem to be disappearing around the Azod Nazi loving American demofascists. How telling.

    It is a shame that the Ukrainians put their faith on an American Empire who’s only accomplishment after 20 years in Afghanistan was a George Floyd mural and rainbow flags. But you know, democracy and stuff. Beside, the elites are too busy doing commie show trials which are supposed to keep Trump from running again. Lets see how that works out especially since their lying makes Trump more popular every day.

    Russia has no reason to stop at this point. The US president is a perverted dementia case, the US ruling class are insane and stupid and sexually confused. The West have sanctioned themselves into a recession, while Russia is developing closer ties with Asia and raking in the dough selling oil and gas. Everybody is offended by Biden’s arrogance, haughtiness and incompetence, even the Mexican pres, India, and Saudi Arabia.

    Western men are either demoralized, on drugs, or against the regime and in some cases even cheering for the other side out of spite. A solid 10-25% of the West (and more in the USA) has been frozen out of the economy for refusing the take the jab. That’s an immediate 20-35% of young men who will refuse to fight for their country. The ruling elites are too stupid and hateful to realize how many people they’ve alienated. Yet they still claim “full employment”. Go figure.

    Just like you can’t just turn the economy & supply chain on and off, you can’t turn loyalty and patriotism on and off on a whim either. Nobody will fight for the pansy Twitter warrior wine moms, America haters and Karens.

    There’s never been a better time for Russia to be on the offensive. They’re making hay while the sun shines, and are smart to do so before even a semi-competent ruler comes back in a Western country. I do so hope the collapse of the West kills all the leftists. I don’t think humanity can take another go around with people who can’t define what a woman is or who believe our “rights” are not absolute in charge. BTW rights that are not absolute are called privileges.


    • Don’t hold back, LGB, tell us how you really feel!

      But one thing is certain: if the “men” of today’s left were the pioneers of the 17th century, this continent would still be run by the Indians indigenous Americans.

  4. UnkleC says:

    Just read an interesting letter from the ‘American Petroleum Institute’ to Stumbles & Mumbles and his team about what the gummint can do about their fuel situation.
    Right now, it can be found on ‘Zerohedge’ and ‘Scribd’ is hosting the actual letter as well. Enjoy.

  5. Hairy says:

    Lol Teach most refineries are located in red states
    About 20% of our refined products are exported to places that make it profitable to export.
    Under Trump how many refineries opened?
    The biggest loss of capacity was under Trump when the giant Philadephia refinery shut down
    Refineries are shut down when they are old outdated and unprofitable. Any other reason and they woukd reopen. The last major refinery thst I heard of opened in Montana. The major opposition was from the surrounding agricultural businesses. Their big objection was the refinery would need 12 million gallons of Missouri River water each day.
    You really expect us to believe that the “greenies” in Louiiana are more powerful than the multi billionaire petroleum chemical industry?
    A new refinery would cost 10 to 20 billion and take 8 years to build. All car manufacturers are planning to stop building gas powered cars 5 years later. Does that make sense to spend 8 years building a refinery?
    Biden didn’t create the global gas shortage
    It was Trump 2 years ago that asked OPEC+ To drop production by a record 25%
    Now you are telling us that Bden after 15 months is to Blane? Because he won’t allowed a refinery to be completed in 8 years? Really?

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Yep! Really. You try and blame everything from Noah’s flood to 9/11 on Trump. You’ve been doing that bullshit for 6 years. Grow up. The jerkoff in the WH created an international reaction by acting and speaking like a dopey communist. It was his goal. Do we need to link the speech where he said he was going to eliminate fossil fuels? That kind of talk by an insane and senile American leader creates a bad market.

      FJB and the jerkoffs that still support him.

    • Facts Matter says:

      One almost always has to fact-check Hairy when he writes more than a single line of Communist propaganda.

      I will give it to him and Dowd. They are both hardline leftists that believe with all that they are that the only answers to anything America related is whatever nonsense is regurgitated by the leftist media bought and paid for by the DNC and supported by an FBI that is NOW PURGING CONSERVATIVES FROM ITS RANKS.

      At least six whistleblowers have confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been intentionally purging conservatives from its ranks…….when you google this, or Bing it, or ASK it you find ZERO of this reported by MSM other than FOX NEWS. But to those who care, there are 1000’s upon thousands of private journalists now digging for the truth and just because your name is not Chris Wallace does not mean the truth is still the truth.

      Now to the facts.

      The last new refinery to be built in the USA was in the 70’s. Louisiana built the last one in 1977 capable of processing more than 100,000 bbls per day. Douglas, Wyoming had one constructed in 2007 but it was a very small regional refinery.

      Why are there not more refineries in the USA? Actually, there are nearly 200 refineries in the USA. 143 major refineries with 37 minor refineries or specialized refineries operating in the USA but none other than the Douglas, Wyoming refinery was constructed after the 1980s.

      Donald Trump asked Russia and Saudia Arabia to END THEIR OIL WAR…….HAIRY LIES.

      THE TRUTH?????…………On 8 March 2020, Saudi Arabia initiated a price war on oil with Russia, facilitating a 65% quarterly fall in the price of oil. In the first few weeks of March, US oil prices fell by 34%, crude oil fell by 26%, and Brent oil fell by 24%. The price war was triggered by a break-up in dialogue between the OPEC and Russia.

      Apr 14, 2020 · Trump’s oil deal: The inside story of how the Saudi-Russia price war ended. By Fortune magazine.


      AGAIN HAIRY LIES ABOUT TRUMP. He actually oversaw the return of stability in the markets bringing oil back to a relatively normal 60 dollars per bbl to ensure that the oil companies did not go bankrupt…..which the LEFT HATED!!!!!

      As for the auto companies building electric cars. This is basically a true story. I will give Hairy this one but the real story is that there is no way that you are going to be able to build enough electric cars to keep up with demand and by 2030-2040 gasoline will be banned around the world forcing billions of people to park their cars.

      And CHINA CELEBRATED as BIDEN DRAINS THE STRATEGIC OIL PRESERVE and China marches on the world while the USA is unable to lift a finger to fight the worldwide take over by RUSSIA/CHINA/PAKISTAN/IRAN/NORTH KOREA.

      Congrats AGW NAZIS. YOU lose skirmishes but you are winning the war and in the end you will have your wet dream….. Cradle to Grave dictatorship of the world led by ruthless Communists who would rather kill you than give you health care.

      Fuking morons.

  6. Jl says:

    “Under Trump how many refineries opened”.
    Under Trump, what was the price of gas?
    Johnny, son-get a friking clue,ok?

  7. […] Freaking Grief! President Mumbles blaming oil companies for his disastrous energy policies VIA Pirates […]

  8. UnkleC says:

    For those who question what Mumbles&Stumbles and team are doing about refining capacity, read ‘EPA Yanks 70 Small Refinery Biofuel Waivers -Threatens Their Survival’ [available at], I would assume that this will appear in other sources as well, shortly. This brilliant move threatens some 88 small refineries. With those out of the way, the team will probably move on to bigger game.
    Since the nations electric grid is marginal at best and EVs are not a significant element of transportation at this point even if they could all be charged quickly, looks like a great depression ahead.
    Remember, in November, go vote. Vote for someone or vote against someone, just don’t vote democrat.

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