New Zealand Farmers Give In To Climate Extortion

Of course, the farmers will just past on the increased costs to the consumers

New Zealand farmers propose paying for emissions to tackle climate change
Agriculture sector faced pressure to act or be forced into the country’s emissions trading scheme, from which it is exempt

climate cowFarming leaders in New Zealand have recommended that the government impose a price on agricultural greenhouse gas emissions for the first time, as the rural sector comes under significant political pressure over its disproportionate contribution to climate change.

The recommendation by He Waka Eke Noa, a partnership between farming leaders and the government, is likely to widen an emerging schism between agricultural representatives and grassroots farmers, who have taken to the streets in recent years to protest against the introduction of environmental regulations and criticise industry leaders for being too friendly with the government.

However, farming leaders felt they had little choice but to make the proposal. Jacinda Ardern’s centre-left government had legislated that if farmers did not come up with an emissions pricing system, agriculture – which generates over half of New Zealand’s industrial and household emissions – would automatically enter the country’s emissions trading scheme, from which it is currently exempt.

“We believe that would be disastrous and that’s what drove us to finding a better solution,” said Andrew Morrison, the chairman of Beef + Lamb NZ, which represents beef and lamb farmers.

So, basically, they were told to Do Something or government would force them to do something. What they are doing is not as strong as some Warmists would like, and, I can’t wait till those same Warmists whine about the increased cost of their food.

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