Eco Festivals Look To Be A Hoot

Everyone’s excited to go, right?

First Zero-Waste Eco Festival to raise awareness about climate change

Save the Children organized Pakistan’s first ever “Zero Waste Eco Festival” to raise awareness amongst children and the youth about climate change and environment related issues. The festival created an immersive experience for attendees to come together in nature and partake in sustainable activities and practices to learn how to reduce their ecological footprints.

The festival created a marketplace of sustainable products, designs, and ideas. It brought together stalls from green companies and start-ups working on sustainable technology; organic and local farmers working with sustainable practices; and non-profit organizations that are working on environment related issues. This included notable organizations such as TrashIt,

The festival was organized around the principles of “Reuse, reduce, recycle.” Event Management Company Active Media, ensured that the event was designed using innovative ideas and sustainable materials such as bamboo, UV printing and wooden carvings, with an emphasis on reducing plastic and other waste with regards to the event set up, as well as branding and marketing material.

The event also featured a panel discussion on “Youth Engagement for a Sustainable and Climate Resilient Future.” Panelists included Ms. Marion Pfennings, Head of Development Corporation at the German Embassy Islamabad; MrAtif Sheikh, Executive Director of the Special Talent Exchange Program; SheryarArif Khan, Assistant District Commissioner Islamabad; Brig Muhammad Aslam Khan (Retd), Chairman GomalDamaan Area Water Partnership; and Syed EhteshamUlHaque, Principal Environmental Design Engineer.

Notably, the event also featured a “Conversation with Young Climate Activists”, moderated by AmeeraAdil, climate communicator, activist, student, and entrepreneur. Amongst others, the youth panelists included Zia urRehman, President of NUST Environment Club, and Eisha Ayub, Save the Children’s Red Alert Climate Activist.

Shouldn’t a festival be, I don’t know, fun? Without a side of preaching?

The workshops included engaging children in activities about composting food waste into fertilizer, planting seeds and growing their own gardens, olive oil extraction, as well as creating their own body scrubs and self-care products from natural materials. Study Circles included climate charged discussions on renewable alternative energy solutions, green tourism, as well as the water crisis and water management. Harness Energy set up solar panels around the festival to power lights, fans, and mobile charging stations to showcase low cost and effective alternative solutions for energy generation and consumption. The festival effectively engaged children and the youth in a wide array of activities and conversations to encourage new forms of action and activism that can prepare the future generation to respond effectively to ecological and climate related challenges.

Sounds like the kiddies had blast. “Learn to make your own body scrubs! Because the government will restrict what you are allowed to purchase.”


FROM SOLAR GRID TO CATTLE SHED: How Greenpeace’s Dream Of A Solar-Powered Village Fell Apart In Just A Few Years

Eco-activist group Greenpeace brought solar power to Dharnai, India, in 2014, constructing a green micro-grid it said would make the tiny village “energy independent” and a model for the rest of the country to follow.

Eight years later, reports indicate the solar micro-grid is not only defunct, but being used as a cattle shed. The Dharnai venture is only one of many failed attempts by environmental groups, like Greenpeace, to “green” the developing world, according to one of its co-founders.

“It’s the same thing that’s happened a lot across Africa: goody two-shoes comes in and builds them a small solar facility,” CO2 Coalition Director Patrick Moore, who co-founded Greenpeace in the 1970s, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Surprise! A bunch of 1st World climate cultists trying to white knight, screwing with other people so they can feel good about themselves. I’ll leave it to you to read the rest

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