White House Ensures That They’re Totally On Top Of The Baby Formula Shortage

So much so that they’ve failed to call anyone, have meetings, but, they plan to!

White House Advises Parents Worried About Starving Babies to ‘Call Their Doctor’

Biden Brain SuckerWhite House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said parents who are worried about their baby’s immediate needs for formula amid a nationwide shortage should “call their doctor” in a press briefing on Thursday. 

After a reporter asked Psaki what should parents who cannot find baby formul do, she detailed the steps the White House is taking to address the baby formula shortage. 

“I’m just wondering if you’re a parent today and you go to the store, you can’t find any formula on the shelves, as is being reported across the country. What is what is the step that they should take?” the reporter asked.

Psaki noted that the reporter raised “important public health questions,” but did not provide immediate steps for parents to take. 

Psaki continued:

But what I can report on here, what I can convey to all of you is what we’re doing to address exactly that concern, which is taking every step we can to ensure there is supply on store shelves and we have increased the supply over the last four weeks. And as the President, as I noted at the top of this briefing we’re gonna take every step we can to cut red tape to a to ensure we’re working with with retailers like WalMart that we’re working with Wreckit and Gerber and others who can produce more to ensure we are getting supply out to stores and out to retailers so that parents don’t have that concern. But beyond that, that’s what I can read out for all of you from here.

The reporter pressed Psaki for immediate steps families can take amid the formula shortage, to which Psaki said, “call their doctor.”

“We would certainly encourage any parent who has concerns about their child’s health or well being to call their doctor or pediatrician,” Psaki said.

So, not one word of what they’re actually doing, just what they might maybe possibly do. He hasn’t done much of anything this week. Some fundraisers, visiting a union, holding a fancypants dinner for ASEAN countries this evening, and, what’s the over/under that he heads to either Delaware or Camp David this afternoon?

Do Biden and his people think this will play well with parents of infants?

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13 Responses to “White House Ensures That They’re Totally On Top Of The Baby Formula Shortage”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Abbott Labs produces 43% of the U.S. baby formula and shut down a large plant in Michigan due to Cronobacter sakazakii contamination. Abbott claims the plant will reopen within two weeks.

    Do conservatives really want the American government to take over the production of baby formula??

    Do conservatives really want American babies to suffer from C. sakazakii infections??

    How does the U.S. economy end up with functional monopolies in critical industries? Even conservatives are smart enough to know the answer to that. We allow it to happen.
    Monopoly is the gold-standard objective of businesses – they can charge whatever they want!! Do conservatives feel the government has a role in limiting/regulating monopolies?

    In addition the world is still suffering critical supply chain problems from the tRump pandemic. America First!ers feel that the U.S. does not and should not control the globe.

    Shortages allow makers to raise prices.

  2. James Lewis says:

    Dearest Elwood:

    “Do conservatives really want the American government to take over the production of baby formula??”

    No, but we do expect the President to be aware of an on going disaster and be able to state exactly what, at his direction, is being done about ut.

    “Do conservatives really want American babies to suffer from C. sakazakii infections??”

    Asking stupid question indicates a stupid questioner.

    “Shortages allow makers to raise prices.”

    Yes, shortages, and expectation of shortages, causes prices to rise. You know, like shutting down pipelines and preventing oil drilling on government land.

    • Enfamil P. Dowd says:

      Our Dearest James,

      We take it you are absolutely against C. sakazakii infections in infants! Good.

      There are implications from that belief, of course. As a society we can rely on the good graces of the corporation (“good graces” often fueled by fear of lawsuits, withering press, and sometimes because it’s the right thing to do), and also rely on gov’t regulation of purity, quality, safety, etc.

      Unfortunately, when manufacturers with a virtual monopoly have issues it can limit the supplies of their products. Drug companies are a perfect example. Many newer drugs have a federally protected monopoly (that’s why generics are so cheap!), but a glitch in pill making can cause shortages unless there exist stores of the medicine. That can be problematic for products with a limited shelf life, such as liquid formula.

      Dr Steven Abrams, UTSWMedCenter

      The problem is there just isn’t much redundancy in U.S. infant formula production. In other words, there aren’t enough other factories to pick up the slack when one goes down. The Michigan plant is the largest producer in the country, so when it goes down, it put added strain on the entire U.S. formula distribution system, especially for certain formulas for babies with high-risk allergic diseases and metabolic disorders.

      Dr Abrams also pointed out that the resulting panic has led to hoarding which exacerbates the problem.

      Clearly, when DonJon tRump was president he should have done something to diversify the infant formula production chain. But he didn’t. Maybe adding bleach to the contaminated formula would kill the bacteria.

      • david7134 says:

        Look at Jeff act as if he has broad medical knowledge, like a real doctor. This particular bug has been present forever and infections are extremely rare and the bug can be killed by adequate handling of formula, like in heating it. So the real concern is why FJB shut down the entire plant, besides his whole administration being a bunch of dumbasses.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Look at david porter lying his lying ass off.

          Anyway, two infants died from Cronobacter infections, so the FDA (not President Biden) shut down the plant for investigation.

          david porter claims to be an R.D.(real doctor) but is willing to let infants die so Abbott can continue to profit. Typical nuCon. Your formula has a deadly bacteria – no worries – just heat it! After all Cronobacter infection in infants only has about a 50% mortality! Just heat it. What could go wrong.

          • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

            So Dr. Dowd how many Americans young and old have died from fake “vaccine” shots? More than two I’d wager. Yet the nazi junta kept forcing that shit on the public didn’t they?

            The deliberate starving and emaciation of Americas babies by the hateful illegal brandon junta is simply a catch-up program since they didn’t get to kill enough babies in utero. Because you see a baby like a embryo is not a human being, she’s just a larger mass of cells.

  3. david7134 says:

    A dip in formula supply has been greatly exacerbated by FJB diverting existing formula to the border to feed the wet backs.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Don’t forget the palates of formula sent to the Ukraine because to Nazi loving leftists Uke babies, like the Uke border, are more important than American babies.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Oh, Lying Groooomer, you are so full of it.

        Babies are babies, you know, actual human beings. Zygotes and fetuses are not babies.

        Since there are no fake vaccines, your question is moot. Do you have evidence that either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines killed anyone at all? In the U.S. Covid has killed over 1,000,000 Americans.

        How many Americans died within a couple months of drinking coffee? A million?

        And the Ukrainians defended their nation from the right-wing invasion are now Nazis! How much does Putin pay the U.S. right wing to spread his shit?

        The Groooomer spews more lies in a single comment than Teach does in a week.

        You’re a Russian bot, right?

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Anyway, grooomer. Some 450 million vaccine shots were administered. How many died from the vaccine? 3, 7, 2, 0? LOL.

  5. david7134 says:

    You keep making comments that make no sense, pretty much like the stupid decision coming from the FDA.. My feeling is that the FDA is one worthless organization, along with the other Fed agencies. Sure we need some agencies to provide minimal regulations, but to close down the principal manufacturing for baby food is absolute stupidity. A real doctor makes decisions, weighing out consequences. In this case a stupid Federal tool, much like you severally cut into infant nutrition. This will have consequences far beyond the rare infections that are your concern. Mothers will have to seek out alternative nutritional elements and I can assure you it will not be pleasant.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      david porter, you stupid tool,

      How on Earth did mothers ever feed their babies before Abbott Labs invented Similac???? How did our species ever survive?

      One cannot in good conscience supply infant formula contaminated with a deadly bacteria, now can one?

      This seems a pretty low bar for selling infant formula. “This product does not kill your baby.”

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Here are other brands you can safely substitute for you Similac.


    You are advised not to try to make your own “formula” or to dilute your existing formula to make it last longer.

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