White House Doom Mongers On Fall/Winter Chinese Coronavirus Infections

They could be right, they could be wrong. I know of a bunch of people right now who’ve gotten COVID, possibly the latest variant going around, which also seems to evade boosters. The question now becomes “does the Let’s Go Brandon admin attempt to use this for their benefit, and will they attempt to reinstall masking and vaccine mandates?”

Here’s what the White House’s grim coronavirus warning means for you

“You don’t make the timeline, the virus makes the timeline.”

That was Dr. Anthony Fauci’s message for an anxious nation when the novel coronavirus first began to spread across the US. More than two years later, his words have new relevance in the face of a disturbing warning from the White House.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reportsThe Biden administration is issuing a new warning that the US could potentially see 100 million Covid-19 infections this fall and winter, as officials publicly stress the need for more funding from Congress to prepare the nation.

The projection of 100 million potential infections is an estimate based on a range of outside models that are being closely tracked by the administration and would include both the fall and winter, a senior administration official told CNN. Officials say this estimate is based on an underlying assumption of no additional resources or extra mitigation measures being taken, including new Covid-19 funding from Congress, or dramatic new variants.

So, if you don’t allow Government to implement restrictions, this is All Your Fault. And you need to give them a lot of money to fight this in the future, string free cash. The rest of the piece is an interview with  Dr. Syra Madad, an epidemiologist at NYC Health + Hospitals, actually not that bad. Here’s one I’ve been sitting on for a few days

Point: There’s No Evidence That Masks Work

Joe Biden proclaimed, “Wearing masks is not a political statement, it is a scientific imperative.” He was wrong. There is little evidence supporting generalized use of masks.

A pre-COVID systemic review of interventions to combat the spread of respiratory viral diseases by the highly regarded Cochrane Library found that medical/surgical mask wearing makes little or no difference to the outcome of influenza or influenza-like illnesses compared to not wearing a mask.

A recent review of the literature reported two randomized controlled clinical trials of the effectiveness of masking in COVID-19. One failed to demonstrate a statistically significant benefit. The second found small, marginally statistically significant reductions in viral transmission for surgical masks but not for cloth masks. Thirteen of 14 tests assessing mask-wearing in non-COVID respiratory infections failed to find a statistically significant benefit for masks.

In other words, unless you did wear an N95 or KN95 mask, there was almost no benefit, which is why we saw huge spikes from Delta and Omicron. The Powers That Be forgot to continue the initial, important, wise messaging: don’t touch, keep your distance, wash your hands, don’t touch your face.

Early in the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, British health authorities, and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control all refrained from recommending widespread mask usage, often discouraging it. Dr. Anthony Fauci emailed in February 2020 that the typical mask “is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.” In a March 8 interview on “60 Minutes” he said that “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.”

Nevertheless, the CDC in April 2020 began recommending mask wearing, including cloth masks. A CDC Science Brief relied on observational masking studies where the evidence suggested benefit, while highlighting the limitations rather than outcomes of studies that suggested the absence of benefit or even harm.

So, why’d they push people to wear masks that really do not work? I’ll let you work that one out

Endorsing cloth masks was disconcerting since an RCT of hospital workers showed far higher infection rates with cloth masks than medical masks.

For one thing, those masks do not get washed very often, much less daily. People wore them because they were forced. How soon till government attempts more mask mandates if the current variant starts infecting a lot of people?

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