Disney Supports Group That Sexualizes Young Children

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has said he is going to keep going after Disney, and he’s right to do this, but, it makes some a little wonky

Why Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law feels like the clock is turning back for LGBT+ people

There’s a new front line in America‘s culture wars, and it’s pitching parents against teachers and students.

Florida has introduced a ban on teaching about gender and sexuality in the classroom to some elementary aged children. (snip)

Kris Kine has been teaching in Florida’s schools for more than 20 years. She sponsors the Gay Straight Alliance club in her school – a safe place for students to discuss issues around their sexuality they may not want to talk about at home.

The bill has been a devastating blow to Kris – herself a proud gay mum.

She says she fears that the years of painful progress in encouraging young people to be themselves and feel accepted may be ending.

First, the bill is mostly aimed at leaving young kids alone, not the older kids. Second, there’s nothing wrong with the group, the bill doesn’t block it. Except for third, schools and the school employees, who are government employees, should not be hiding things from parents. Some of the groups may be well meaning, others, not so much

(Washington Examiner) A school district in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is under fire for a drag show hosted by a teacher after hours on school property.

The show featured several scantily clad drag queens performing lewd dance moves that would be inappropriate for most adults, let alone high school students. Whatever sexually deviant lifestyle a teacher wants to live on his or her personal time is their decision, but such abhorrent content has no place in schools. Parents expressed outrage at the discovery that a teacher in the school district held the show.

“I first found out about this video and drag show Tuesday night from a video one of the school kids put out. I then asked my children about it, and they were disgusted and could not believe they would do something like that at their school,” Stacy Hernandez, a single mother of three children in the Hempfield School District, told me.

So, the parents were not told about what their kids were going to be exposed to. And that is a major point of the Florida bill

Disney Funds An Organization That Sexualizes Children Beginning In Kindergarten

Walt Disney Company has repeatedly donated to an organization that infiltrates public and private schools with LGBT ideology, according to Disney’s Pride Collection webpage.

Disney announced that it donated a portion of its 2022 “Pride Collection” funds to the organization GLSEN — pronounced “glisten” — among other global LGBT organizations. In 2020, Disney announced that it would donate $100,000 to GLSEN. Disney’s 2022 funds will reportedly create new LGBT-oriented programming.

Disney’s PRIDE page dubbed GLSEN a leader in “educational equity” and stated that the organizations have collaborated “for more than 20 years.”

GLSEN is the touchpoint between political activism and LGBT activism in K-12 public and private schools. The LGBT organization crafts school policy guides, curricula and teacher training for schools nationwide, according to an analysis from Parents Defending Education.

Lesson plans developed by GLSEN are created for students as young as kindergarten. Programming encouraged young children to discuss their identity, gender and race.

I just do not understand why groups like this want to sexualize young children, and why Disney would fund them. Can’t they just let kids be kids, and let them develop on their own? Showing support is one thing: actively sexualizing them and trying to get them to become LGBTQ is something quite different. These people, and Disney, are sick, and should not be let near children, nor provide any guidance to them.

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3 Responses to “Disney Supports Group That Sexualizes Young Children”

  1. Elwood P. dOwd says:

    Nothing in Mx Teach’s teachings in the post show sexualizing children. Mx Teach is sowing horse hockey.

    While the drag show in PA was inappropriate, don’t think for a minute that teenagers haven’t thought about sex. Do you want them to get facts from school or only and education from tiktok, cable, instagram, PornHub and facebook??

    And who is Mx Teach trying to fool by conflating high school young adults with kindergarten kids? Most of the high schoolers are old enough to join and die in our Armed Forces, so they can certainly tolerate discussions about sex. (Our high school football coach who also taught “Boys Health” warned us about self-control, warning us about that cute cheerleader next to you and you getting “harder than Chinese arithmetic”. I don’t remember much from high school but I remember Coach Jim V’s Health Class! BTW, still married to that cheerleader! Same Freshman FB Coach V who said “sympathy” was in the dictionary between “shit and suicide” and smartass me made the mistake of correcting him.) And if you find “harder than Chinese arithmetic” 1) an ethnic slur or 2) unfunny, we could never, ever be friends.

    OK, where were we… oh yes, this whole brouhaha about sexualizing kindergarteners is a campaign ploy by Florida man and GOPher presidential candidate Ron duhSantis (R-FL).

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    In Gomer Pyle’s voice “Denial, denial, denial”. It’s all a pervert groomer like QdOwd has. Talking sex, especially gay or other perverted non normal sexual acts to little kids is an abomination. He knows it but still defends the perverts that preach it. QdOwd must find it harder than Chinese arithmetic to understand parents don’t want their children’s teachers addressing these subjects. Why is it so hard for pervs like QdOwd to understand that is the parents rights. Why is is so hard for hix/herx to understand sex is the purview of parents for underage kids. Especially when perverted teachers are indoctrinating and inducting kids into their world of perversion. LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE!!!

    Leftists are either killing babies or perverting children and they’ll sit there and argue about it like they have a leg to stand on.

    FJB and QdOwd.

    • Elwood P. dOwd says:

      OK, grooomer. Methinks the lady doth protest too much. Does she have ANY evidence at all that teachers are describing sex acts to youngsters? This is the kind of lie American wingers rely on to agitate their followers.

      Can winger groooomers give any credible examples of teachers describing sex acts to youngsters? If a third grade teacher is asked why Heather has two mommies, and the teacher says because sometimes two women fall in love and get married, is that “teaching non-normal sexual acts to little kids”?

      Lying Grooomer perverts like Lying Groooomer Brenda need to be looked into. Their projection is a “tell”. And yes, even “women” like L.G. can be a perverted grooomer.

      Two points. No one supports “killing babies”. Lying nitwits like duhSantis and Lying Grooomer can’t show evidence to support their lies and bigotry.

      FRduhS and the Lying Grooomer.

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