Proximity To Equator Determines GDP Doom From ‘Climate Change’

Well, now, this is a new one from the climate cult (you can also read it at Yahoo News but, they don’t have the interesting interactive graphic)

If You Want to Know a Country’s Economic Future, Check How Far It Is From the Equator

It’s no secret that global climate change hurts the economy. With more frequent and more severe storms, flooding, drought, and fires, countries around the world are already taking economic hits. And as long-term events like rising sea levels and temperature patterns continue to affect agriculture and human health, the economic damage will only grow.

The impact, however, will be unequally distributed. A recent report from S&P Global assessed how 135 countries might be affected by climate-related events in 2050. The economic risk levels ranged from 0% of GDP (indicating that the economy will likely not be exposed to climate hazards) to 100% of GDP (the entire economy could be exposed to climate hazards). The measurement predicts only economic vulnerability—not economic loss. For example, a country with 80% GDP exposure doesn’t mean that 80% of the economy will be wiped out in 30 years, but rather that 80% of the economy is at risk of experiencing a loss.

Using these percentages, TIME “mapped” countries on a blue-to-red scale to see which economies are in least and most danger. But instead of a standard map—one with, say, borders and oceans—we looked at each country as a latitudinal point. The result was a chart that looks a bit like a volcano turned sideways.

In other words, they really have no idea what’s going to happen, they just want to scare people.

What this shows is that economies that have huge physical climate risk—in some cases 100% exposed—are generally within 20 degrees of the equator. And none are in the far northern or southern parts of the globe. On the other hand, countries that have minimal risk are from a wide range of latitudes, but skew more to the poles.

To arrive at these numbers, S&P Global researchers considered how much of each country’s area is prone to experience wildfires, storms, floods, and rising sea levels, as well as how much of agricultural land is at risk of water stress, and workforce population impacted by extreme heat.

So, basically, the closer to the equator, the more chance for Economic Doom, per the climate cult. Per that pithy interactive graphic, the US could see a 44% exposure. Canada is at 27%. Weirdly, many are zero percent exposed, all those on the far left. Germany and the UK, among others, are at 1%. Bermuda, an island out in the middle of the Atlantic, is at zero. Despite getting hit with tropical systems every once in a while. It’s really about coming up with a new way to scare people, especially those in government, to force Solutions on citizens.

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