Climate And Racial Justice Intersect Or Something

Because this is 100% about science and not politics

Where climate change and racial justice intersect

Black people need to be more aware of climate change and how it shapes our lives, contends Colette Pichon Battle, the founder and co-executive director of the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy.

In her position, Battle develops programming focused on equitable disaster recovery, global migration, community economic development, climate justice and energy democracy. She was in town last week for the Westminster Town Hall series on climate change science and solutions.

She spoke to the MSR a few hours before her April 27 appearance at Westminster Presbyterian Church in downtown Minneapolis. “I feel like Black folks have got to wake up to this because we are going to be the first ones hit and sacrificed,” said Battle, “and always we’re the first ones to perish in this thing that we are not paying any attention to.”

Funny thing is, blacks have been at the low end of the spectrum of caring about the climate crisis scam. It is mostly an upper middle class white 1st world issue. Here it comes

She has worked with local communities, elected officials, and others in the post-Katrina and post-Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster recovery and actively advocates for climate change mitigation and adaptation with racial justice and equity at its core.

“I think we’re dealing with an industry that has the most power in the world, especially in our government, especially in the South,” continued Battle. “And they were really trying to avoid liability and accountability at all costs, and make record profits. The truth is, this has been a political move from the beginning.”

Yes, a political move. She might be trying to Blame the fossil fuels industry, but, she exposes that ‘climate change’ is about politics.

“It’s not going to be won by protests in the streets alone. It’s only going to be won when regular people like you and me stand up and start fighting, not just for the trees and the birds and the soil of this planet, but for the people who exist in that broader ecosystem.”

She continued, “The biggest thing we suffer from especially in this country is comfort and privilege. We live in such comfort and such privilege that we do not have to turn our eyes to see what is happening to the rest of the world. We do not have to think about all of the communities that are suffering so we can be comfortable.

“We have to tell the truth that it is American consumption that is driving a global imbalance. One American consumes as much energy as 13 people in China, as much energy as 127 people in Bangladesh, as much as 307 people in Tanzania.

OK, you first. Give up your 1st World lifestyle. Get your fellow Warmists to do the same.

As we wrapped up our MSR interview, Battle reiterated the importance of Black people realizing that the climate crisis, now in a pandemic world, is not a White people’s problem. “I want Black folks to know that climate is about Black lives,” she said.

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  1. Facts Matter says:

    A nuclear exchange between the USA/NATO and Russia will cost the lives of 565,000,000 people worldwide. 65 percent of RUSSIA will disintegrate in the first month. 25 percent of the USA and 10 percent of the EU will die in the initial 24 hours. After one year the death toll will reach an estimated 565 million worldwide due to plague, famine, and nuclear winter as well as falling radiation.

    The numbers in play are ~900 million for the USA/EU vs ~165 million for Russia. IF vlady thinks he can win a nuclear exchange he is seriously miscalculating.

    Now having said that. I watched GARLAND give a press conference and in the midst of unnamed sources at the pentagon claiming they are helping Ukrainians Kill Russian soldiers and generals he talks about how desperate Climate change is and how it is an existential threat to the world.

    Germany is sending self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine. These people in charge are lunatics. Today it is with a great deal of sadness I report that we still have 6 more months of the left being in charge and in 6 months I do not know if the USA will still exist along with about 1/2 of the civilized world. The greatest contraceptive alive. NOT Nuclear war. AGW.

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