Your Fault: Hotcoldwetdry To Bring Thousands Of New Viruses

I touched on the scaremongering, doomy, climate cult piece from Nature a few days ago: here’s some more apocalyptic doomsaying from it

Climate Change Will Bring Thousands of New Viruses, Says New Study

Climate change isn’t just bringing rising temperatures and rising sea levels. According to new research, it’s bringing a rising risk of infectious disease.

A new study published last week in the journal Nature points to “thousands” of new viruses spreading from animals to humans by 2070 as a result of climate change.

Researchers out of Georgetown University used a model to look at the likely migration patterns of more than 3,000 mammal species as warming temperatures impact their food sources and mating locations. This shift would bring increased risks of infectious diseases that jump from animal to human.

The study found that countries across Africa and Asia are most at risk as they’re already the hotspots for deadly animal-to-human infections including HIV, Ebola, and covid.

The study is “a critical first step in understanding the future risk of climate and land-use change on the next pandemic”, says Kate Jones, who models interactions between ecosystems and human health at University College London.

In other words, it’s a measure to enable governments to control everything by scaring people into giving up their personal freedom. And property rights. As well as government just taking them.

The model looked at a 2°C temperature rise over the next 50 years, which they say is likely. The recent installment of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment found temperatures are likely to surpass 1.5°C in the next several years, even if just temporarily. Warming past the 1.5°C target set by the Paris Accord is expected to bring extreme weather, rising sea levels and temperatures, as well as habitat and biodiversity loss.

If temps do not hit 2C since 1850 (I’m assuming that’s what they mean, not a 2C rise in the next 28 years) and we don’t have all the climate cult initiatives in place, who’s held responsible for this scaremongering?

This is the first research of its kind; other studies have examined the impacts of deforestation, decreasing animal populations, and even the illegal wildlife trade, which all play parts in animal-to-human disease spread. But little has been known about how much of an impact warming global temperatures will have on the risk of animal-to-human infections.

The climate has always changed. The spread of the Black Death in the mid-1300’s was at the beginning of The Dark Ages, a cooling period.

The researchers are urging for drastic cuts in emissions to help thwart the climate crisis. The findings come on the heels of another study that called for a 75 percent decrease in meat consumption in the wealthiest countries. Meat is a leading producer of emissions including CO2 and the more heat-trapping gas, methane.

So, not a scientific study, an advocacy one. What happens if we do not have thousands of diseases crossing the lines? This is all a way to link COVID, which most likely came from a lab, with the climate cult.

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3 Responses to “Your Fault: Hotcoldwetdry To Bring Thousands Of New Viruses”

  1. Kye says:

    Wow. I see Elwood P. Dowd is still as batshit crazy as ever. Now he calls everybody a groomer when it’s his party that wants the grooming. The has the gall to say they’re projecting. Gotta love that dissonant ability to ignore both truth and irony simultaneously.

    Anyway Elwood, I’m gonna spare you an update on my progress making money off your fake president and his stupid assed policies. Suffice to say I will be acquiring (fingers crossed) another 2 multi unit apartment buildings one in Reading, PA and one in Drexel Hill, PA this month. That should let out another 42 apartments. Do your own math and thanks again. I’m gonna stop because I don’t want you to accuse me of bragging (which you did before) because I take advantage of all the policies of HHS and several other government agencies.

    I imagine that Must/Twitter deal made your eyes bleed didn’t it , Elwood? How about the crap-out of CNN+, Netflix and all the other leftist shit collapsing as the election grows near?

    Boy am I gonna have fun when the election is over. It’s gonna be just great.

    Tata for now. Oh, and happy May Day ya commie.

  2. James Lewis says:

    “Researchers out of Georgetown University used a model to look at the likely migration patterns of more than 3,000 mammal….”

    The operative words are, “model and likely,…”

    As Dr. Spenser says:

    “The most important thing to remember about climate models which are used to project future global warming is that they were “tuned” with the assumption I started this article with: that the climate system is in a natural state of energy balance, and that there is no long-term climate change unless humans cause it.

    This is an arbitrary and illogical assumption. The climate system is an example of a “nonlinear dynamical system”, which means it can change all by itself. For example, slow changes in the rate of vertical overturning of the world’s oceans can cause global warming (or global cooling) with no “external forcing” of the climate system whatsoever.

    Instead, the climate models are “tuned” to not produce natural climate change. If a 100-year run of the model produces change, the model is adjusted to removed the “drift”. ”

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