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Bummer: Hollywood’s Missing The Drama In Climate Crisis (scam)

Go for it, Hollywood! Slap all sorts of ‘climate change’ in your movies. Just because most of them tend to tank is no concern, right? You don’t worry about losing money, right? Hollywood missing the drama in climate change, group says Hollywood’s response to climate change includes donations, protests and other activism. but it’s apparently […]

If All You See…

…is a potentially horrible fossil fueled golf cart, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Geller Report, with a post on a crazy grooming math worksheet.

Team Brandon Plans To Refocus On Domestic Issues Or Something

See, Biden has been consumed, consumed! with what’s going on in Ukraine. You remember, the war Brandon helped push Putin to start. So, now he wants to Biden’s been consumed by Ukraine. His team wants to bring the focus back home. The rest of the world might not allow it. But Joe Biden wants to […]

Big Post Easter Snow Storm Hit Monday, Guess What Got Blamed?

Can you really blame me when I call them a cult? (CNY News) It’s the last thing we want following Easter – a snowstorm that may bring up to 11 inches of the white stuff with it! I know, it’s hard to imagine now that we are already enjoying seeing spring flowers like daffodils, hyacinth, […]

LGB Admin Suspends Masking After Federal Judge Nixes CDC Rule

This has made all the Mask Cult very upset, because, see, they apparently do not think wearing a mask protects themselves, oh, no, you need to wear a mask. It’s all very, very silly Biden admin suspends mask mandate for airports, buses after judge rules against CDC guidelines The Biden administration on Monday suspended enforcement […]

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