Capitol Police Declare “State Of Emergency” Over Protest By Truckers

Interestingly, this never occurred during all the George Floyd and other BLM/Antifa protests, which led to arson, violence, and looting. But, some truckers just driving around and wanting to meet with their Representatives, invoking their Rights of Free Speech, petition for redress of grievance, and protesting peaceably, drives Democrats crazy, because these truckers are protesting against Government restrictions

Capitol Police issues emergency declaration over trucker convoy

The Capitol Police Board on Sunday issued an emergency declaration as truck drivers protesting COVID-19 policies gather in the D.C. area, according to reports.

The protests, which began Sunday and slowed traffic outside the capital, have been dubbed the “People’s Convoy” and could last several days.

The emergency declaration allows police to ask for help from the National Guard in addition to permitting payment for officers’ hotel and food costs, according to Bloomberg.

CNN reported that the declaration was announced by House Sergeant at Arms William Walker.

“The Capitol Police Board has issued an emergency declaration to ensure that the US Capitol police are able to operate and respond as necessary,” Walker wrote in a letter, advising Congress members and their staffers to take an alternate path via public transit to work or to consider working remotely, CNN reported.

They’ve never really stated why they want all those members of the National Guard, just, “traffic control”. Looks more like an attempt to intimidate truckers, and have bodies available to arrest truckers if they want to. Who does the House Sergeant really work for? Nancy Pelosi, at this time. Might be a little more difficult to invoke an emergency decree which allows mass arrests, seizing trucks and money, as Commissar Justin Trudeau did

Capitol Police leaders have reportedly voiced concerns about the truckers and other vehicles potentially causing shutdowns of various roads and highways and creating a situation similar to the Freedom Convoy that shut down parts of Canadian capital Ottawa over similar concerns.

They didn’t seem too concerned when the BLM/Antifa protests created all those problems in D.C., including assaulting Capitol Police officers.

In February, temporary fencing was put up around the Capitol in response to reports of disruptive truck convoys potentially arriving in Washington to protest COVID-19 restrictions.

Don’t want those icky peons getting close to the Congressional buildings, protesting and demanding lawmakers hear them, eh?

(NBC News) The U.S. offshoot of the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” reached the nation’s capital Sunday.

The trucker-led convoy group, which was organized on pro-Trump and anti-vaccination channels on the Telegram messaging app, drove around the Capital Beltway, which surrounds metropolitan Washington, D.C. Their plan was to circle the interstate twice and then return to Hagerstown, Maryland, where they gathered Saturday night, to regroup.

And that’s what they apparently did, on I-495, which never enters D.C. And do so again Monday. What authority does the Capitol Police have, since it never enters D.C., staying solely in Maryland and Virginia? It’s great that they’re “anti-vaccine”, eh, when it’s really “anti-forced vaccination. But, that’s the media Narrative

Brian Brase, a convoy co-organizer, said he plans to take members of the protest group to meet with lawmakers Tuesday. NBC News has not verified any planned meetings with lawmakers.

Brase acknowledged the end to many mandates throughout the country. “What the People’s Convoy’s looking for is, we’re looking for immediate end to the state of emergency,” he said. “We don’t believe there is an emergency any longer.”

Democrats are removing most of their restrictions, because this is a mid-terms year, and removing them now allows people to forget about them by November, but, they could come roaring back in an instant.

BTW, have you ever noticed that left leaning protests rarely fly American flags or talk about freedom?

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13 Responses to “Capitol Police Declare “State Of Emergency” Over Protest By Truckers”

  1. Hairy says:

    Dems are removing g the restrictions because 9q% of all zdems are vaccinated and noonger in much danger of dying
    93% of covid deaths ste people not vaccinated
    Teach Are you going to post anything on the high gas prices being caused because 2 years ago Trump asked OPEC+ to make the largest oil production cuts in history because the price had fallen to low? That agreement end next month.

    • Jl says:

      You mean removing restrictions because the polling is bad and mid-terms are coming up?
      Restricting our oil production-one of the dumbest in a long line of dumb things done by Brandon..

  2. Kye says:

    I see crazy Hairy is still ranting his nonsense. Well, I’ll be. Elwood P. Dowd is also still here sounding as fascistic as ever. I’m sad to see that. But I have a message for ya Elwood.

    My company supplied and paid for by your hero the liar biden is no up over 175 immigrant renters. That means your fake president has his HHS and other departments paying me over $350,000 per week of your money! Thank you Elwood. That will put us over $20 million this year. Keep those illegals coming. Plus, we’re buying an apartment complex in Northeast Philly with and additional 30 units in June. Thank you very much for the 100% government loan/grant. That business alone could add as many as 120 people per month. Gotta love Democrat corruption especially when it spills over on normal people. I wish I could show you my actual income this go around. And the best part: tax exempt NGO’s. I’m now doing what Hunter biden does. Ya gotta love it knowing your idiot is making me a multi millionaire. Maybe more.

    I see you’re hassling Let’s Go Brandon now. I also see he makes you look like a pimp. Which you are. A pimp for the neofascist Dem party and all it’s immorality and perversion. They picked the right guy when they picked a schlep like you.

    Anyway, thanks A MILLION and I mean it. Catch you next month with an update. Till then, rot in your hell hole.

    • david7134 says:

      Hang around Kye, miss your input. A little more and Jeff will be committed.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Good for you, Kye!

      Wish more good Americans could play by “their” rules.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      That’s great news, you fading ol’ liar you. Keep on making stuff up!

      You’re a riot.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    What are the copy-kat truckers protesting again? Masks? Vaccines? Stuff? Putin? Tyranny? Global warming? CRT? Diesel prices? LOL.

    ‘Murican cons always need a cause, regardless of how ridiculous.

    Maybe they should drive their big rigs into the Capitol Building!! Now that would be a protest!!

    • ruralcounsel says:

      It almost doesn’t matter what they are protesting anymore. It’s very instructive to see what kind of fear and terror they strike in the hearts of our scummy political class. That alone is a priceless service to the country.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        So you also don’t know what they’re protesting? We get it. Reactionaries don’t like the direction of America. Immigrants, Blacks, LGBQTs, Muslims, atheists, oh my. The ‘tyranny’ of masks and vaccines is a symbol, not unlike your confederate battle flags.

        Convoy: “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

        Real American: “What are you mad about?”

        Convoy: “Uhhh… We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

        In light of the real tyranny that real Americans see on a daily basis from Eastern Europe, what’s priceless is the risible irrelevance of the “Freedumb Convoy”.

        Reactionaries have turned the words ‘freedom’ and ‘tyranny’ meaningless.

        Wal-Mart requiring a face-mask during a global pandemic is TYRANNY! Frowns from conscientious citizens are an attack on American FREEDOM!

        Putin is the American right’s worst enemy as he exposes how ridiculous you are.

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          First of all Putin’s a leftist. He’s been a commie like you his entire life whereas the Ukes supported the Nazis (again, like you) and have a Nazi regiment in their military. Of course you would support the Nazi lovers over the commies because the Nazi lovers launder Hunter and joe’s ill gotten gains. I guess that’s why you fake president buys $40 million a day in oil from Russia while sending $350 million to Ukraine. Grease both wheels.

          If you don’t know why there’s a Freedom Convoy then you are part of the problem (but we already knew that). They want dopey joe to open American oil and gas production to benefit Americans. You want to buy oil and gas from Venezuela, Arabia and Russia and feed the despots you love so dearly.

          The Freedom Convoy rides for lower gas prices, cutting the inflation your party of immoral pigs has created, stop indoctrinating our children to hate themselves and their country, stop bringing in illegal aliens that hat America and above all get that illegal senile pig out of office.

          If any group has destroyed the meaning of freedom and tyranny it’s the party that forces fake vaccinations but wants live abortions, thinks holding citizens in prison for over a year with no trial isn’t tyranny and believes cutting working people off from their jobs, family, credit and banking is somehow justified because they peacefully protest against their evil juntas.

          As usual you have squarely landed on the wrong side of the issue and now stand with the warmongers.

          Let’s go Brandon, he just announce d “we are a net exporter of energy” which is a bald faced lie. You support a liar because you’re too frail for nasty Tweets.

  4. Professor Hale says:

    I have noticed some of the diesel stations in my area in Northern Virginia are price gouging up to %5 a gallon. Normal around here is still under 4 for diesel. It looks like they are trying to punish the truckers, but with gad apps and social media, those stations just get avoided.

    • ruralcounsel says:

      It’s changing so fast on a daily basis I don’t think your observations are about gouging are right. Along the I-81 corridor through the Shenendoah diesel is going as high as %5.19.9 and as low as $4.44.9,

      Every time I went in I-66 to NoVA, fuel prices are almost always higher than they are out on I-81. Not that a lot of stations carry diesel inside the Beltway.

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