Surprise: Vast Majority Of Americans Against Getting Rid Of Fossil Fuels

Biden did spend some time during the SOTU yammering on about EVs and renewables and reducing fossil fuels (when he wasn’t being his normal “what the hell did he say?” guy), but, what do the American people have to say?

Americans agree climate change is an issue — but differ on what to do

electric vehicleThree-quarters of Americans believe the U.S. ought to participate in international efforts to address climate change, but a majority remain pessimistic about those efforts.

Pew Research Center poll published Tuesday found that 53 percent of those surveyed didn’t think the world would avoid climate change’s worst impacts. That grim sentiment cut across party lines.

“There’s some skepticism that change will be enough to avoid the worst effects,” said Carey Funk, the center’s director of science and society research. “That was shared, generally speaking, across parties.”

The survey results, which analyzed the responses of more than 10,000 Americans, follow a new report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that said climate change is endangering people already and will disrupt food systems, force tens of millions more from their homes and threaten gains in global health unless drastic action is taken.

The survey, which was conducted before Russia invaded Ukraine, shows that Americans are deeply divided over climate and energy policy and differ over how to address global warming as its primary cause.

I wonder what it would look like if you take it now?

Two-thirds of Americans think the United States should use a mix of fossil fuels and renewables in the future, rather than phase out fossil fuels completely, the Pew research says. About 28 percent — including more than half of Republicans — oppose the U.S. taking steps toward becoming carbon neutral.

Interesting: most Americans seem to understand that things do not run without fossil fuels. Reading between the lines, you can bet those same people realize that electric vehicles are, at this time, for people who are making a lot of money, not for the average citizen. Someone making $50K a year isn’t particularly interested in a $40K and up EV, understanding just how much that monthly payment would be, and then there’s the whole problem with charging them. What do you do on trips? What do you do if you live in an apartment? Does anyone actually believe Biden is going to be putting all his promised EV chargers up in low and middle income areas? Again, I support them in theory. I’ve always said I’m not a fan of fossil fuels, as they do pollute, excluding CO2. They aren’t even close to being ready for primetime for all.

As for being carbon neutral, those who said we’re ready rarely ever take actions in their own lives.

The Pew polling says about 35 percent of adults believe policies aiming to reduce the effects of global warming harm the U.S. economy, according to the Pew research.

Carr argues that’s shortsighted.

“People say, ‘Oh, adaptation is really expensive, we don’t want to pay for that,’ as if we’re not already paying for climate adaptation every time we have to renourish a beach or build a seawall or rebuild a coastal town when it gets flooded,” Carr said, arguing that a proactive approach would be effective and avoid “tremendous” costs later.

High ranking climate cultists always say this, yet, they aren’t doing anything in their own lives, eh? Where’s Biden’s electric limo and large convoy of electric SUVs? When he’s flying in a big, military helicopter every weekend to Camp David or his home in Delaware, what are we to believe?

The poll really shows that, while people support more wind, solar, etc, they are against the federal government requiring it while doing away with dependable, reliable, affordable fossil fuels at this time.

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2 Responses to “Surprise: Vast Majority Of Americans Against Getting Rid Of Fossil Fuels”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    I would be perfectly fine with getting rid of fossil fuels. Just as soon as there s a reasonable replacement. I’m not in favor of reducing my standard of living to accomplish this meaningless goal.

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