Are Americans Ready For Ditching The Masks?

The first thing I’ll say is that if you want to wear a mask, go for it. You do you. If you feel more comfortable with it on, that’s your decision, and people should respect it. I think they never should have done away with social distancing rules. I still practice this, and really, really dislike shaking hands with people I do not know. I will find a reason to immediately go wash my hands if I can’t get away with motioning that I don’t shake, giving a warm fist bump or elbow. I will make fun of you if the mask you’re voluntarily wearing is no on correctly, if you’re removing it to talk to someone, or wearing it in your car alone. Or outside.

Are we really done with masking?

When a teacher in Las Vegas told her students last month that they no longer had to wear masks in keeping with the state’s new rules, the classroom erupted in cheers. Mask mandates are falling across the country, leading to similar expressions of relief — as well as warnings that such celebrations are premature.

Judging by the speed with which even cautious Democrats are casting off mandates, it appears that these warnings are not being heeded. Last week the attending physician of the U.S. Capitol said that masking was no longer required, meaning that when President Biden delivers his State of the Union address Tuesday night, it will likely be before a sea of visible human faces — with some KN95s and surgical masks surely sprinkled in between. (big snip)

A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows a sudden swell of optimism about COVID-19, as well as the biggest decline between surveys in concerns about the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. Only 47 percent of Americans now say they are at least somewhat worried about the virus, down from 55 percent in early February, the lowest share to date. A majority of Americans (55 percent) now think the worst of the pandemic has passed, up 9 points since early February.

As fears of the virus wane, people are simply masking less in response. Just 53 percent of Americans, for instance, now say they wore a mask always or most of the time over the past seven days, down 9 points (from 62 percent) since early February. And America’s masking rate will likely decline further in the coming weeks, as the Yahoo News/YouGov poll was mostly conducted before the CDC issued its new guidance and the latest states relaxed their mandates.

The poll was taken February 24-27, so, I would have been in that spot of wearing a mask all the time while indoors at work, since the mandate for Raleigh wasn’t removed till 5pm on Friday the 25th. I would wear it if I was running in someplace that required/asked, no big deal for 10 minutes. If employees weren’t wearing correctly, mine comes off. I do not wear at the gym.

As for the government mask mandates, just 38 percent of Americans say that it is “too soon to stop requiring masks inside.” Far more (50 percent) either believe that “it is the right time to stop requiring masks inside” (19 percent), that “masks have been required inside for too long” (14 percent) or that “masks should never have been required inside” (17 percent).

Especially since it has been shown again and again that cloth masks/surgical masks make almost no difference. Why did so many of us get the vaccine to be forced to wear a mask, including when we’re sitting alone at a desk with no one within 30 feet?

Her specific quote

Pelosi said, “No, I’m not going to be wearing a mask tonight. If I had little children or were around little grandchildren, I would because some of them would not be vaccinated. Or if I were around a person or I was a person with some kind of a condition that would make me susceptible to it. I think people have to use their judgment about it. But I do think that if people make their own judgment, I’m making my own judgment, that I won’t be wearing a mask tonight.”

Well, that’s strange, right? I have coworkers who are making their own judgement to wear a mask at work. That’s their decision. Suddenly, Democrats are for personal judgement. What changed? (polling)

As a sidebar, the poll also has Joe at 41% approve, 53% disapprove. And only 15% strongly approve, with 39% strongly disapproving. Only 35% of Democrats strongly approve. And just 8% of Independents. 44% of Independents strong disapprove.

He’s underwater on his COVID response, the economy, foreign policy, race, and so much more. There’s a lot in there.

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31 Responses to “Are Americans Ready For Ditching The Masks?”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Since there really wasn’t any substance to Brandon’s mangled gobbledygook of an address the only fun was watching Nancy fiddling with her dentures all night.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  2. Professor Hale says:

    41% approval rating. What a coincidence. That is the exact same percentage of loyal democratic party members in the adult population. They would literally support a senile old man or a woman with 40 years of government corruption for the highest office in the land, as long as he/she is a Democrat.

    • david7134 says:

      We seem to have a consistent number of at least 40% of Americans are as dumb as it gets. Include jeff and john.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        The davebot1619 once again ejaculates programmed stupidity.

        41% is the same as DJ Trumputin. Probably lower now with tRumputin calling Vlad a ‘savvy genius’.

        • david7134 says:

          Notice that Jeff provides all the example necessary of stupidity seen in the liberals/ communist.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            Rimjob can’t help himself.
            It’s ingrained in his genetic code caused by all the Ozark hillbillies procreating with their daughter/sister/wives.

            Bwaha! Lolgf

          • david7134 says:

            It’s inbreeding.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Notice that the davebot1610 once again ejaculates programmed stupidity.


          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            ShitLips still can’t explain why his saliva test yielded canine DNA. But we know.



  3. Matthew says:

    Masks only made the user ill, nobody was protected. And can we please take down the utterly stupid sneeze guard jokes?

  4. free says:

    I have NEVER worn a slave mask and NEVER will.
    DO NOT let them stick anything up your nose, it is how the ancient Egyptians would make their slaves docile. Just one jab up there and you obey.

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  6. Madam DeFarge says:

    I will wearing my “Let’s go Brandon” mask until obam…. I mean that ass kissing Bidet, and his totally incompetent admin are gone.

  7. Jl says:

    Gotta love the clowns who drive around alone in the car with their masks on-it’s like laying naked and alone in bed with a condom on….

  8. Hairy says:

    91% of Dems are now vaccinated
    FL and NY have similar sized populations.
    This week FL’s weekly covid death average is 400% higher than NY

    • david7134 says:

      And I am sure that FL is happy as hell that you are too scared to visit.

      • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

        Hairy, I have no idea where you get your propaganda from but I live in Tampa and that’s all bullshit. People in Florida are just as free to get any fake vaccine as anywhere else. But we have the freedom to choose. Something you gave away with your testicles long ago. BTW, which state do you think has a higher percentage of elderly and infirm, the main demo for Covid? You act like you actually WANT people to die for disobeying your rules and mandates.

        Let’s go Hairy, more people to die and they are all unvaxed Republicans. Your shitball party of commies, fascists and heathens could win the next election by attrition without cheating. Boy, that would be different.

    • CarolAnn says:

      Hairy, your love of red state citizens deaths is well known. You’re a ghoul. But your joy is premature. The English are ahead of us. We will catch up.

      “The fully vaccinated account for 9 of every 10 deaths from COVID-19 in England and 4 of 5 deaths among the triple-vaccinated, according to the latest data published by the U.K. Health Security Agency.
      The independent British news site The Exposé reported the government report, published Feb. 22, includes a table on page 41 confirming the vast majority of deaths were among the vaccinated.
      About 73.5% of the population of England has been fully vaccinated, and 56.9% have received a booster shot, as of Feb. 28.”

    • Jl says:

      Florida open, NY closed, and the total deaths are almost exactly the same. John, again, put down the bong…

  9. Dana says:

    Foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia just ended its mask mandate:

    Philadelphia ends its indoor mask mandate
    “The metrics that we’re following have reached the level where the Health Department feels it is safe to stop enforcing the indoor mask mandate,” a health department spokesperson said.

    by Jason Laughlin | Ash Wednesday, March 2, 2022 | 3:00 PM EST

    The end of Philadelphia’s indoor mask mandate came Wednesday with a promise to ease virtually all remaining COVID-19 safety rules in the city in the coming days, signaling a big step toward normalcy in the city after almost two years of lock downs and restrictions.

    Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole hesitated to say COVID had reached an endemic stage, but acknowledged that Wednesday’s announcement marked a new stage in the pandemic.

    “I think talking about regaining as much normal life as we can … is better framing for me,” she said. “I’m hoping we have enough immunity in the city that we really are at an end point.”

    Philadelphia was the only place in the state still maintaining a general indoor-masking requirement.

    There’s more at the original, but it sure sounds to me like Commissioner Bettigole didn’t approve of the decision, but was overruled by Mayor Jim Kenney. Dr Bettigole had said, just a month ago, that the city lifting its mandates was “probably several months away.

    Living in a sane state like Kentucky, it seems like another world away. The General Assembly stripped Reichsstatthalter Andy Beshear (NSDAP-KY) of his authority to issue executive orders without the approval of the legislature within thirty days, so we haven’t had that kind of stupidity here. There are a few stores which have mandatory masking signs up, but at least in my experience, those signs are mostly ignored. That Philadelphians were complying with those insane mandates, including a “Ve need to see your papers” mandate, enforced by cute little coeds working as hostesses in restaurants, and were actually carrying their vaccination cards, tells me that yes, far, far, far too many Americans will knuckle under to fascist orders.

    Yeah, I’m vaccinated, but I refuse to carry my “papers” with me; f(ornicate) that!

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Vaccine mandates are fascism!! Masks are tyranny!! Show us your papers!!

      You guys are a riot. If you ‘patriotic Americans’ want to see tyranny, check out what right-wing hero putin is doing in Ukraine.

      Fortunately, new cases of Covid is cratering in the US, but not so much globally. Despite your worst efforts, America just may be doing something right! BTW – Canada is doing well too.

      How many Americans must die to satisfy the blood-lust of you fake patriots. FREEDUMB!!

      • Facts Matter says:

        I woke up this morning, come visit the Pirates cove and there is DOWD ranting and raving nonstop. Every comment is by DOWD trolling.

        FASCISM he screams. Patriots is a dirty word in his vocabulary and yet he wails and gnashes his teeth for the NEO NAZIS in UKRAINE.

        Commentary: Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem
        By Josh Cohen, Commentary

        REUTERS. By the way Reuters is run by one of the board members of Pfizer.

        As Ukraine’s struggle against Russia and its proxies continues, Kiev must also contend with a growing problem behind the front lines: far-right vigilantes who are willing to use intimidation and even violence to advance their agendas, and who often do so with the tacit approval of law enforcement agencies.


        We are dealing with a coalition government (integrated by two neo-Nazi parties) which is supported by “Western democracy” and the “international community”.

        According to the New York Times,

        “The United States and the European Union have embraced the revolution here as another flowering of democracy, a blow to authoritarianism and kleptocracy in the former Soviet space.” ( After Initial Triumph, Ukraine’s Leaders Face Battle for Credibility,, March 1, 2014, emphasis added)

        AND DOWD AND THE LEFT wonder why the RIGHT doesn’t want any part of this UKRAINE HOGWASH. It’s nothing more than the left drumming up a war to increase ratings. Biden kept saying war, war, war and Ukraine kept saying PLEASE stop doing that. There is no war.

        ZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTTTT…………wrong answer Mr. Ukrainian president.

        Obama and the west overthrew a Russian-backed presidency and set up a corrupt nation which they then cashed in on heavily.

        Tulsi Gabbart tweeted all this could have been avoided if NATO just said they are not going to make Ukraine a member….but no. Gotta have us another war. Hell even in the middle of this war the EU accepted Ukraine’s application for admittance into the EU.

        I guess The new Generation in Europe has forgotten what a great war on their continent means. I mean. The world is over populated. Kill us a billion or so and then CHINA or the USA will rebuild us again for FREE!!!!!!!

        War, war, and more war screams America and Nato. Egged on by the MAINSTREAM MEDIA for RATINGS and PROFITS.

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          Facts Matter: “I woke up this morning, come visit the Pirates cove and there is DOWD ranting and raving nonstop. Every comment is by DOWD trolling.”

          Tell me about it, FM. I do that every morning and move on to American Thinker as soon as I see a line of dOwds under “comments”. I come back here later when the line of “dOwds” is shorter. There is only so much insane bullshit I can take with my morning coffee. In fact , I did that this morning until I saw your comment. Serendipity.

          Anyway, the line of silly dOwd comments had me jump to Red State and I caught this ditty:

          Some crazy screaming and ranting black broad (is there any other kind?) hollering about DeSantis telling the people including her kids they can now remove their masks. She is all out of sorts because according to he DeSantis “told her son to remove his mask”. Just like dOwd does all the time she confused “can remove his mask” with “must remove his mask”. That’s why the left are such tyrants and dictators. They only hear what they want to hear.

          Now get a load of this bitches face. A face that could be on The View it’s so fugly.


          Does that look like the face of reason? Is that the face of a person with whom one can have a rational discussion about Covid? Ukraine? Energy? Climate? Anything? No. That is the hateful sour puss of your typical leftist Democrat who has been force fed hate, racism and envy their entire life. IOW, a Brandon supporter.

          The left has created an entire subculture of entitled minorities who actually believe they’re oppressed, cheated, kept down, discriminated or the favorite word of the propagandists: “marginalized”. It’s so bad that when a Republican offers them freedom from the putrid and tyrannical mask mandates of the Democrats instead of reacting with gratitude and relief they act like this loud mouthed idiot. Ya just can’t give people nice things….like freedom.

          Let’s go Brandon, time for another “crisis”, the election and the demise of many Democrats is approaching. Look! A rabbit.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Mr FM is concerned that a board member at Pfizer was the former head of Reuters. So what?

          Mr FM asserts that Ukraine is run by neo-Nazis. While we recognize Mr FMs expertise on neo-Nazis, the evidence that Ukraine (whose President is Jewish) is a controlled or even influenced by neo-Nazis.

          No question that the Ukraine invasion is a bonus for media. But that’s capitalism!!

          But just like the USA, Ukraine has a right-wing/neo-Nazi problem. Mr FM doesn’t want you to read Cohen’s article.

          Mr FM cites a 2014 article ignoring that President Zelenskyy (who is Jewish) was elected in 2019.

          This is the same President Zelenskyy (who is Jewish) who withstood Don Jon TrumPutin’s extortion attempt (“Give me dirt on Joe Biden and we’ll give you some money!”).

          We fully understand why the US far-right opposes helping Ukraine. Trump and Putin are in alignment. Duh. Ukraine is a nascent democracy. Right-wing reactionaries hate democracy and love tyrants.

          Neither the United States nor Ukraine forced the ‘savvy genius’ Vlad Putin to invade Ukraine and kill civilians. The tyrant Putin is responsible.

          Mr FM and those who think likewise, have no problem with a tyrant invading and potentially occupying a democracy. Now it’s said that Putin is eyeing Moldova as the dictator tries to rebuild the old Soviet Union.

          To repeat: Russia started a war with Ukraine. Almost every other nation on Earth is working to 1) avoid a wider war while 2) discouraging the ‘savvy genius’ Putin from reconstituting the USSR by force.

          • Facts Matter says:

            To repeat: Russia started a war with Ukraine. Almost every other nation on Earth is working to 1) avoid a wider war while 2) discouraging the ‘savvy genius’ Putin from reconstituting the USSR by force.

            Well good for them. Then you don’t need ME to join your little attempt at starting world war 3. They are calling for foreign fighters to come join their cause.

            GO to UKRAINE DOWD. Please. They need you!

            by the way you ever noticed all those Ukrainians look awfully white?

            You did not address Obama overthrowing a democratically elected Russian government in Ukraine.

            You did not even address the major point of my post. The American left is rah, rah, rahing for war, war and more war to boost Biden’s ratings. Even if it means killing millions of WHITE UKRAINIANS for your cause.

            As for your assertion that I have no problem with Russia attacking Ukraine. I do, I just don’t care. Until YOU and your fellow communists CARE that millions of criminals are being escorted into the United States to overthrow our democracy then I sure as hell don’t care about Ukraine’s BORDERS. The real war is on our southern border, not 12, 000 miles away in Ukraine.

  10. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Here’s another one for ya that I found at Moonbattery.

    The discussion was about some entitled knee-grow (also a cross dressing fag) who wants “black-out nights” for shows where whites can’t attend. Next he/she/it will be demanding separate drinking fountains.

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