Your Fault: Japanese McDonald’s Reducing Portion Size Due To HotColdWetDry

Coming soon to a McDonald’s and other fast food places in the U.S. and rest of the world soon? (via Watts Up With That?)

Mustard, fries in short supply due to Canada’s climate change woes

A mix of drought in Canada’s prairies and flooding on its Pacific coast have brought about crop production and shipping woes now leading to international shortages of fries and mustard.

In Japan, for example, McDonald’s has been forced to ration fries as the British Columbia floods squeezed potato imports, while mustard producers in France are forecasting steep price increases because the drought in another part of Canada – the world’s biggest producer of mustard grains – cut supplies.

“When we look back at the state of the agriculture sector in 2021, we can say this year has been marked by extreme climate change weather events,” Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said in a recent speech.

“That includes the worst drought in 60 years in Western Canada and the devastating atmospheric rivers in British Columbia,” she told livestock farmers and ranchers who’ve struggled to secure enough hay to feed their animals as pastures dried up.

It’s always something with this cult. Because you drove to McDonald’s to get some fries and a burger in a fossil fueled vehicle there is now flooding and drought in Canada. It can’t just be due to nature, which caused this stuff previously, oh, no, it’s carbon pollution. We even get the buzz phrase of “atmospheric rivers.” As the Watts Up With That? piece points out, potato crops were actually pretty darned good in 2021. And links to another piece which shows

Japan is experiencing a McDonald’s fry shortage, and there’s a Canadian connection to this problem.

Due to supply chain issues and BC flood damage, many potato shipments have not been able to get out of the port of Vancouver and have been significantly delayed.

So, it’s pretty much supply chain issues from the Chinese coronavirus, with a tiny bit of bad weather involved. But, cultists have to be cultists

Constant litany of Doom, and that’s what you get on the top page for Google News for “climate change.”

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  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach: Your Fault: Japanese McDonald’s Reducing Portion Size Due To HotColdWetDry

    According to Teach, the world’s population is blaming Teach for everything!! Waah!!

    He DID at least mention the tRumpPlague.

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