Biden’s Big Idea: Get Vaccinated, Home Testing

Who’s ready for the winter of death?

And here’s Joe

(Breitbart) President Joe Biden said Tuesday unvaccinated Americans were not able to celebrate the holidays safely.

“I know some Americans are wondering if you can safely celebrate the holidays with family and friends,” Biden said during a speech at the White House. “The answer is, yes you can, if you and those who celebrate with you are vaccinated.”

He again urged Americans to get vaccinated and to get a booster shot and get their children five and over vaccinated.

“People with booster shots are highly protected,” he said. “Join them. Join us.”

Then he went on to blamestorm and fearmonger on the unvaccinated, because that’s totally going to make them change their minds. Especially when

President Joe Biden coughed throughout his speech on coronavirus, even after White House staff claimed he was asymptomatic after coming into contact with a person who later tested positive for the coronavirus.

The president spoke in a hoarse voice and coughed repeatedly as he spoke about the omicron variant of the coronavirus, urging Americans to get vaccinated.

Biden did not wear a mask while speaking, and walked away from the podium without putting his mask back on, even after asking all Americans to wear masks indoors.

And no mask, despite Joe’s own masking requirement.

(NBC News) The federal government next month will start mailing at-home Covid test kits for free to any U.S. household that requests one, a senior administration official said, as the omicron variant of the coronavirus contributes to a spike in new cases.

The White House is preparing to ship as many as 500 million kits, and it is setting up a website for people to submit their requests, the official said, without specifying how many tests each household can receive or how quickly.

This will do what, exactly? By the time people get the test in the mail they’ll be over the symptoms. This won’t stop anything, because they’ll already have it. This is after Psaki got snippy the earlier in the month about being asked about home testing. People are tuning this COVIDFascists out.

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7 Responses to “Biden’s Big Idea: Get Vaccinated, Home Testing”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach please try to stay current on CDC masking
    Generally fully vaccinated do not need to be masked indoors
    Explain why you feel Biden is not obeying these suggestions

  2. Dana says:

    If the vaccines work to prevent infections, then why would the patricians be worried about either getting infected themselves, or spreading infections? The answer is: they wouldn’t be. They can only be worried if the vaccines aren’t effective in stopping or spreading infections, and that has been the case. We’ve seen public announcements of positive tests by politicians in the past week, and who knows how many of the plebeians who have been fully vaccinated, and boostered, have contracted the virus.

    We’re at the point at which those who pay attention realize that the only positive of the vaccines has been to reduce the severity of the disease if you contract the virus, and, that being the case, getting vaccinated is a wholly personal, not a societal, choice. Those who wish to risk a more severe infection are choosing for themselves, not for others.

    There is no longer any justification for vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, “Wir müssen Ihre Dokumente sehen!” or mask mandates. The virus is what it is, and we have to learn to live with it . . . which is what I’ve been saying all along.

  3. Hairy says:

    The covid vaccines are like seat belts, not 100% effective, but most people decide to use them
    Dana must not have gotten the message from Trump that all should get vaccinated
    Ahh Dana, didn’t you first believe that covid was “fake news” and no worse than the flu?
    The average length of life of an American has now decreased by 2 years primarily from covid. Lol you might as well as said ” we just have to learn to die with it…..” over 800000 Americans have learned to die with it.

    • L.G.Brandon says:

      Hairy: over 800000 Americans have learned to die with it.

      BS. They died with it not from it. We all know the truth now and we ain’t buying the crap you’re selling. The numbers were “tweaked” to show the results that the leftists wanted to show, IOW, you and all your fellow traveling leftists are liars. About the causes of global warming, Covid, elections, riots, insurrections, looting and Democrat run black cities and crime.

      Will there ever come a time when you don’t parrot your master’s narrative?

      Let’s go Brandon!

  4. Professor Hale says:

    The covid vaccines are not effective.

    Fixed it for you. You’re welcome.

  5. L.G.Brandon says:

    If the “vaccines” which aren’t actually vaccines were effective then why would the unvaccinated have to get vaccinated to protect the already vaccinated? And if your vaccine actually worked why would you be so scared crapless about other people getting vaxxed?

    Do you give a rat’s ass if I have a Polio vaccine?

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